Fundraising, marketing, and tasks, all in one place

Learn how DonorDock can help you raise more funds, increase productivity, and make your donors happier.

Track Contacts and Activities

All the information you need, when you need it

Keep track of all your contacts - donors, sponsors, subscribers, members, and subscribers. access a record of all past communication, donations, and interactions.

See past giving and keep track of asks, calls, tickets and more
Send and track emails, thank you's, and mailings
Never forget important details
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DonorDock tracks contacts and donors
DonorDock tracks tasks and to-dos

Tasks, To-Do's and Reminders

Helping you finish each day feeling successful

More than a to-do list, the Action Board notices important events as they happen. When you're busy, the action board helps you quickly stay on top.

Quickly send emails or complete tasks, all in one place
Have peace of mind, knowing nothing is lost or forgotten
Collaborate with your team by sending tasks directly to their email
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Automation and Suggestions

A fundraising assistant giving you insights and support

Get daily recommendations for donors to connect with based on your data, plus reminders and alerts to ensure that you always know what is happening.

Get reminded about key milestones like first gifts, or birthdays
Get daily suggestions for donors to connect with
Follow up easily on suggestions and recommendations, with your actions tracked automatically
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DonorDock provides automation and suggestions
DonorDock provides donation reports and dashboards

View Reports and Dashboards

Information at your fingertips

Discover insights and trends that help make effective fundraising decisions. Segment and filter your data to create mailing lists and view custom reports.

Birds eye view of your fundraising health
Powerful, beautiful, and fast
Export and share via spreadsheet and more
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Integrate Everything

Send receipts and thank donors in 2 clicks

DonorDock connects with thousands of apps, softwares, and platforms. Depending on your plan, we can manage integrations for you, or you can set up your own via Zapier.

Connect all the tools you use the most
Make your workflow more efficient
Don't worry about integrations, we'll set them up for you during onboarding
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DonorDock provides integrations
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DonorDock Feature - Email Marketing

Email Marketing Made Easy

Reach thousands of contacts - or just one

Build email lists, create eye-catching mailings, raise funds directly from your messages, and view results all within one system.

Drag and drop email builder
Track email opens, clicks, and more
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Track Gifts Easily

Automagically track online gifts, and track checks fast using the quick add button.

Gift tracking is easy in DonorDock. DonorDock automatically associates the gifts you receive with the right contacts, so you do less manual work.

Use the "quick add" button to add checks or other gifts in seconds
See all your gifts in one place
Automatic replies, thank you tracking, and more
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DonorDock tracks donations and gifts

Collect Online Donations

Raise more funds with beautiful donation pages

Inspire generosity. Create unlimited customizable donation pages, and easily connect them to your website.

Raise monthly gifts
Integrates directly with PayPal or Stripe
Share fundraising goals that update automatically
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Onboarding and Support

It is easy to start using DonorDock.

Getting started with DonorDock is easy, and support is included in your DonorDock plan.

Onboarding includes one on one support to get you switched over to donordock quickly and easily
DonorDock has an award winning support team to help you get going
Get access to training videos, helpful articles, and personalized tips and guidance
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DonorDock was voted easiest to use nonprofit CRM
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Powerful features, Easy to use

Feature List

Assistance icon
Unlimited Contact Management - Unlimited Donor Records
Unlimited Gift Management and Tracking - Have a reliable record at your fingertips
Unlimited Task Management and Activity Tracking - Never Forget The Details
Email Marketing - Integrated Email Marketing and Tracking
Integrations - Quickbooks Online, Eventbrite, Harness, PayPal and 1000's more...
Collect Online Donations - Unlimited Custom Donation Pages
Reporting and Data Dashboard - Beautiful and Easy Reports
0% Additional Donation Processing Fee- Lowest CC Fees (2.9% + 30¢)
Track Volunteers Events and Grants - More than Just Donors
Managed Integrations - integrations donoe for you. No Zapier account needed.
Varies By Plan
Team Collaboration, Bulk Email Sending, Advanced Dashboards, Managed Integrations
Varies By Plan
Contacts and Gifts
Unlimited Contact Management
Unlimited Gift Tracking
Data Upload Tool, Backups & Exporting
Segmentation, Sorting & Filtering
Document Storage
Finds and Helps Merge Duplicates
Contact, Gift, and Activity Import Tool
PayPal and Stripe Integration
Email Integration
Integrations for Finance, Events, Giving & More
Varies By Plan
Quickbooks Online Integration
Varies By Plan
Mailchimp, Eventbrite, Google Forms & more
Varies By Plan
1000s More Integrations Available
Varies By Plan
Reports and Dashboards
Visual Data Dashboard and Charts
Prebuilt Reports
Custom Reports and Exporting
Annual Reporting Tool
Team & Activity Management
Action Board & Task Tracking
Track Calls, Emails, Meetings
Track Asks, Tasks, and Volunteering
Task Notifications & Emails 
Receipt & Thank You Templates
Team Collaboration
Varies By Plan
Email Marketing
Drag & Drop Email Builder
Create Custom Email Templates 
Add Fundraising Pages to Email
Track Sends, Opens & Clicks
One-to-One Messages From Your Email Address
Email Tracking in Outlook, Gmail & More
Scheduled Sending
Online Giving & Tracking
Unlimited Customizable Donation Pages
0% Additional Transaction Fees
Track Campaigns, Appeals, Funds & Goals
Peer to Peer Donation Pages
Suggested Giving Amounts
Honorarium / Memorial Giving
Track Pledges & Recurring Giving
Embed Videos, Images, Gifs
Custom Redirect After Gift
Track and Sell Memberships, Sponsorships, and Tickets
Integrates With Paypal & Stripe
Events & Volunteers & Memberships
Track & Email Volunteers
Sell Event Tickets
Track Event Tickets & Sponsors
Integrates With Eventbrite, 100's of popular event and auction tools
Varies By Plan
Easy Import Tool
Setup, Support & Security
Video Training Series & Live Setup Help
Live Group Video Calls
Guided Contact Migration
Email Support
Top Tier Data Security
Guided Gifts and Activities Migration
Varies By Plan
Private Live Virtual Training Sessions With Your Team
Varies By Plan
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