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Everything you need to power your mission and fundraise effectively.

Nearly two decades of fundraising and software development have come together to create a nudging technology that is always working to call attention to your actions and help you execute them. Explore the list below to see how powerful DonorDock can be as your teammate.

Also, we are people and purpose above profit, so you won’t need a PhD to understand our pricing. It is simple and effective -- just like the software.

Fundraising CRM and Donor Database

Save time and money by consolidating your data in one easy-to-use and powerful database.

Manage contacts, campaigns, appeals, and more
Record donor behavior and relationships
Import data from Excel or other systems
Unlimited records

Reports and Dashboards

Discover insights and trends that help make effective fundraising decisions. Segment and filter your data to create mailing lists and custom reports.

Birds eye view of your fundraising health
Metrics built for non-profits
Export and share reports
Full reporting on all you data

Online Giving

Make the donation experience easy with online giving pages that tell your story. Add unique online giving pages for any campaign.

Create pages targeted to your campaigns
Stripe and PayPal support
Custom messaging and branding
No limit to number of donation pages


Reach one or thousands of your contacts effortlessly. Build email lists, create eye-catching emails, link to campaigns, and view results all within one system.

Drag and drop email builder
Personalized content
Open and click rate reporting
Thousands of emails included per month

Action Board

More than a to-do list, the Action Board responds to important events as they happen. Know your priorities, next moves, and what needs to be reviewed. Never miss a chance to respond quickly to major gifts or new donors.

Respond quickly to important events
Intelligent response recommendations
Track changes in donor behavior
Set gift amounts that are important to you
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