The Challenge

No one has been able to avoid the challenges presented as a result of COVID-19. Your organization is also likely facing unprecedented pressures and disruptions because everyone’s reality has changed. Now, more than ever is the optimum time to work on strengthening relationships with donors and making certain those who invest in your cause understand the obstacles your mission is facing. It’s equally important for you to understand the challenges your donors are facing. These relationships are the foundation of fundraising success, especially in times of uncertainty.

How We Help You

DonorDock provides you with:

Friendly nudges on when and how to engage with donors
Simplified reporting and planning tools
Easy and painless data entry and insights

So you can stop fumbling through tedious paperwork and start doing work that matters.

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Customer Story

“In small organizations, you typically have to wear multiple hats. DonorDock is perfect for these types of organizations, it’s a digital assistant and development director all in one.”

Nathaniel Douglas
The Perry Center

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See What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying:

Customer Story

"After using this program even for even just a short time, it is hard to imagine what we ever did before it. It has so easily become a daily tool used to track donor interaction and improve donor relationships."

Danielle Hill
Youth for Christ
Customer Story

"Choosing to partner with DonorDock was the clear, responsible choice for us to make. DonorDock allows us to be more productive and responsible with the gifts we are given, so we can keep our focus on the people we serve."

Allison Fulton
St. Joe’s Catholic School
Customer Story

"Prior to utilizing DonorDock we experienced the challenges of managing contact and donor information using spreadsheets. Donor Dock has provided us a far superior system for managing this important information with efficiency and accuracy."

Nathaniel Douglas
The Perry Center
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