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Are donor management spreadsheets slowing you down?

Feeling overwhelmed by the rows and columns of your ever-growing donor management spreadsheet?  Are you struggling to remember when a specific donor last gave to your mission or wondering when the right time to reach out to them again might be?

While Spreadsheets can work to manage donor data, they aren't designed for it. 

When was the last time a spreadsheet told you to reach out to a donor?

A nonprofit CRM like DonorDock integrates donation and donor data, automates engagement, and coaches you on donor stewardship.

Never miss a milestone with DonorDock's ActionBoard®. With customizable Smart Nudges to remind you when it's time to take action, you can prioritize your most important outreach opportunities.

"Sooooooooooo much better than an Excel spreadsheet! Some of the fields that are listed were items of information we hadn't thought to track previously."

"Prior to DonorDock we were relying on spreadsheets and this has allowed our nonprofit to be much more organized and efficient."

Michelle M.
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"We've experienced maintaining contact information on a spreadsheet, and the frustration that follows when columns on the spreadsheet become misaligned. No more."

Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets

Join over 900+ nonprofits already growing with DonorDock.
DonorDock is a great alternative to Spreadsheets!
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Essentials Tier
Accept Donations
Donor + Gift Tracking
Email Outreach
Text Outreach
"Virtual Assistant" with ActionBoard®
Security Compliant -PCI, HIPAA, SOC II and FedRamp frameworks
Unlimited donor contacts
Cloud Hosted

Empower your charity with the right tools

Manage your donors

Unlimited contacts -That’s right! You’ll never pay more for additional contacts
Organize your contacts into lists and segments for marketing, fundraising, or tracking purposes
Create tags to keep volunteers organized, track volunteer hours, and send emails to volunteers
Track and manage memberships and easily communicate with members

Time-Saving Automation: Automate receipts, thank you letters, and more.

Set up automated receipts and thank yous when you receive donations
Schedule follow up emails with just the click of a button
Auto-generate annual giving statements that can be sent by email or letter and targeted to specific segments

Accept donations online for FREE

Design beautiful pages that fit with your branding
Start accepting donations in minutes with easy setup
Fully embeddable for seamless giving
Create unlimited giving pages for your specific campaigns, appeals, and events.
Design beautiful pages that fit with your branding
Create unlimited giving pages for your specific campaigns, appeals, and events.
Start accepting donations in minutes with easy setup
Fully embeddable for seamless giving

Top features of DonorDock

Voted #1 for small nonprofits

DonorDock is a leader in Mid-Market Fundraising on G2
DonorDock is a leader in Mid-Market Donor Management on G2
DonorDock is a leader in Mid-Market Fundraising on G2
DonorDock is a leader in Nonprofit CRM on G2

Our take on Spreadsheets vs DonorDock?

Organizations often use spreadsheets to manage donors because they are familiar and usually free. While spreadsheets may seem like a simple solution, many users find they end up being more complicated than expected. This is because spreadsheets were not designed to be used as a donor database, communication center, or relationship manager.

DonorDock simplifies the process of donor management and is a popular choice because it is easy to use. It is especially affordable, even for small organizations on tight budgets. DonorDock provides a system that is simple enough for your whole team to use, and powerful enough to help you take your nonprofit to the next level.

Spreadsheets have the advantage of being free for most organizations. For many small nonprofits, this is an incredibly important benefit! However, the price tag doesn't capture the actual costs of not having a true donor database. Without an effective system for following up with Donors, organizations lose potential gifts, fail to cultivate major donors, and waste time trying to understand the big-picture view of their fundraising. Organizations that want to cultivate relationships with donors often benefit from a donor management system.

Frequently asked questions

What is DonorDock?
DonorDock is a nonprofit CRM software built for smaller nonprofits. DonorDock allows charities to manage their donor's information, accept online donations, and send emails and text messages. It's unique feature is the ActionBoard® which serves up recommended activities to better engagement a nonprofit's donors, such as their first-time gift or LYBNTY (Donated last year but not yet this year).
Who is DonorDock for?
DonorDock is built for US-based 501(c)(3) charities and is designed to make fundraising, marketing, and data management easier.
Is it easy to switch to DonorDock from spreadsheets?
Yes, DonorDock is designed to make transferring your data simple and reliable using a self-guided import tool and free live training with our support team.
What are the fees for accepting online donations?
DonorDock uses Donor Funded fees to cover platform expenses. So if a donor gives you $100, you get $100 and the donor has the option to cover fees above that. No matter what, you aren't charged by DonorDock to use Online Giving.
*Credit Card Processing fees still apply from Stripe
What is your cancellation policy?
With a 90-day money-back guarantee and no contracts you can cancel anytime.
Can DonorDock replace our email marketing tool, like MailChimp or Constant Contact?
Yes, for most email sending needs, DonorDock is a great replacement.
Am I limited to a certain number of contacts, or does my price change as I add more contacts?
No, every plan offers unlimited contacts, and your cost won't grow as you add new contacts.
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