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What's the difference between Network for Good and DonorDock?

DonorDock and Network for Good offer many of the same features within their platforms. Both tools are designed to help you manage donors, accept donations, and develop long-term relationships. When compared, DonorDock outperforms Network for Good on price, ratings, and customer support.

DonorDock's system is simple enough for your whole team to use, and powerful enough to help you take your nonprofit to the next level. Some users say that Network for Good prioritizes larger nonprofits over smaller nonprofits, and it is incredibly expensive.

A standout feature that DonorDock offers is the ActionBoard® which helps you keep all your tasks and to-dos in one place. Smart Nudges remind you when it is time to take action with specific donors. You can customize which actions you are alerted to, so you are prioritizing what is important to your nonprofit.

Network for Good offers peer-to-peer fundraising. They also let you set up custom fields within their CRM. For some nonprofits this is essential, but for many, DonorDock’s badge and gift system meets their needs without the added complexity and maintenance that custom fields can create.

Interested in learning how easy it is to migrate your data from Network for Good to DonorDock? You can read more here.

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Let’s compare Features and Pricing between Network for Good and DonorDock
Network for Good
Essentials Tier
Monthly Subscription
Increases with
number of contacts
Unlimited contacts
Free Trial
Hidden Fees
Unlimited Contact Record
5000 limit
We never charge for additional contacts
Free Credit & Debit Card processing
3% fee per transaction
We keep Online Giving free for your nonprofit.
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Network for Good
Essentials Tier
Online Giving
Donation Tracking
Cloud Hosted
Donor Tracking
"Virtual Assistant" with ActionBoard®
Email Outreach
Custom Fields
Customer Ratings
Network for Good
Essentials Tier
Ease of Use
Ease of Setup
Quality of Support
Product Direction (% positive)

Overall, DonorDock receives significantly higher online ratings than Network for Good.

DonorDock is more affordable than Network for Good, while also including best-in-class features, integrations, award-winning usability, and top-rated support.

What nonprofits are saying about Network for Good

"It had a very old feeling to it. It didn't have as many features as the competitors, and we just couldn't continue paying for a service that was so limited and clunky."
Verified User
Nonprofit Management
"The big downside is how NFG seems to have put the major players ahead of the minor players."
Verified User
Broadcast Media
"Difficult for customers to navigate. Takes a little hand-holding to get our donors through it."
Verified User
Nonprofit Organization

What nonprofits are saying about DonorDock

"It's like adding a fundraising teammate!"
Scott H
Impact Foundation
"DonorDock has cut hours of my work organizing donor data!"
Verified User
Executive Director
"We have some administrative staff who don't feel like they are great with technology, but they quickly adapted to DonorDock... DonorDock is the best donor database we have used!"
Jami S, Easy to Use
Public Relations Manager
DonorDock is a leader in Small-Business Nonprofit CRM on G2
DonorDock is a leader in Nonprofit CRM on G2
DonorDock is a leader in Fundraising on G2
DonorDock is a leader in Small-Business Nonprofit CRM on G2
DonorDock is a leader in Nonprofit CRM on G2

Switching from your current system to DonorDock is simple

We understand that you wear a lot of hats, so we make your transition to DonorDock easy and uncomplicated. DonorDock was rated "Easiest Setup" of all nonprofit CRMs.
Export your data into a spreadsheet
Whether you’re using your own spreadsheet or a different CRM, export your data into a spreadsheet. We’re not picky - CVS, XLS, XLSM, TSV.
Upload and map your data
Use a visual mapping tool to connect your data fields to their DonorDock counterparts. We keep it simple and straightforward.
Review and clean up data
Once your data is uploaded, all you have to do is review it and clean up duplicates. Short on time? You can always come back later to merge duplicates!

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Easily create and share unlimited donation pages, simplifying online giving for donors.
Save money thanks to unlimited records, free customer support, free training, and a completely free online giving solution without platform fees.
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