Neon CRM vs DonorDock

Side-by-side comparison of Neon CRM vs DonorDock

Executive Summary

What's the difference between Neon CRM and DonorDock?

Both tools are designed to help you manage your donors.

Some users like Neon CRM because it is better than legacy systems like Etapestry or DonorPerfect. When compared to the worst options, Neon CRM is a step up.

Compared with DonorDock, however, Neon CRM can not compete on price, features, ratings, or results.

Overall, it receives significantly lower online ratings than DonorDock in every category, without exception.

DonorDock is more affordable than Neon CRM, while also including best in class features, integrations, award winning usability, and top rated support.

Increasingly, Users have been frustrated by rising prices, hidden fees, and lack of quality support at Neon CRM.

If you're looking for a tool to simplify your work and help move your nonprofit into the modern era, you probably want to avoid Neon CRM, and take a look at DonorDock.

Donations icon
Neon CRM
Monthly Subscription
$310 /month
Price increases with more contacts
$69 /month
Unlimited Contacts
Online Giving Fees
2.9% and up
2.2% + .30 total Fee
Payment Gateway Subscription
Starting at $25/month
No Cost
Number of Contact Records
15000 Limit
Unlimited contacts
Neon CRM
Cloud Hosted
Contact Tracking
Track Memberships and Volunteers
Online Giving Pages
Campaigns and Appeals
Quickly Enter Checks
Big, long, complicated process
Enter gifts in seconds with "quick add"
Ease Of Use
Clunky, slow
Awarded "Easiest to Use" by G2
Intuitive Reporting
Outdated reporting
Easy to use reporting
Task Management
Team Collaboration
Easy Donor Profiles
Modern Donation Pages
Drag and Drop Email Creator
Fast Check Processing
Easy and Powerful Reporting
Easy Segmentation
Smart Suggestions
Donor Retention Tools
Receipting and Thank You's
According to All Ratings on Top Online Review Websites

Other Nonprofits Prefer DonorDock

Neon CRM

Not Reccommended

7.96 / 10

Ease Of Use

7.9 - 10

Ease of Setup

7.9 - 10

Product Direction

8.1 - 10

2 / 3 of users rate below 5 stars

Rated lower for day-to-day use

lower rated on all features


#1 Highest Rated Option

9.6 / 10

Ease of Use

9.8 - 10

Ease of Setup

9.4 - 10

Product Direction

10 - 10

More likely to be rated 5 stars

Rated higher for day-to-day use

Overall features winner

Overall pricing winner

Voted overall better support

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Online Reviews for NEon CRM

What other nonprofits are saying about Neon CRM

Customer Story
"Neon comes up short on a variety of both basic and advanced features and functionality... the system is glitchy too with error pages showing up an inopportune times causing chaos and lost time."
Rebecca A
Development Associate
Customer Story
"Neon is counterintiutive, and lacks basic CRM functions like tagging and grouping individuals..."
Cory M
Program Development
Customer Story
"Tracking donor interactions is clunky. There are also a lot of data editing functions that they require you to hire Neon to do (instead of allowing end users to do) including batch edits of donation records, batch deletions, etc."
Sarah M
Nonprofit Management
Online Reviews

What other nonprofits are saying about DonorDock

Customer Story

Hands down the best donor management system out there.

Jen K
Office Manager
Customer Story

I like how easy it is for users to switch over to DonorDock. We have some administrative staff who don't feel like they are great with technology, but they quickly adapted to DonorDock. Great customer service as well when we have questions or problems.

Jami S
Public Relations Manager
Customer Story

“In small organizations, you typically have to wear multiple hats. DonorDock is perfect for these types of organizations, it’s a digital assistant and development director all in one.”

Digital Assistant + Development Director - Nathaniel Douglas
The Perry Center
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