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Stories of customer success

See how DonorDock empowers these passionate individuals to make a positive difference in their communities

Latest Success Stories

Feeling unheard: Why this nonprofit switched from Bonterra

Hear from Alana at Family Programs Hawaii how they saved more than $3,500 a year by switching to DonorDock, were able to eliminate the need for a separate email service, and received top-tier customer support.

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From 18 spreadsheets to one donor database

Hear from Jeremiah at the Red River Zoo how DonorDock streamlined their donor management.

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Combining siloed data into one platform

Hear from Emily at the ND Autism Center how DonorDock's commitment to empathetic customer service means their nonprofit's needs are being served.

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Saving money and time by integrating email and donor management

Hear from Leanne at Manna Conejo Valley how DonorDock increased their donor engagement and outreach. And, how they also simplified their donor management!

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Over $3,500 saved annually with this one easy switch

Hear from Denise at CancerGRACE how switching to DonorDock simplified their donor management and saved them thousands of dollars annually.

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Habitat for Humanity Success Story

Hear from Pete Christopher at Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity how switching to DonorDock transformed their donor development process!

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Donor Development: from complex to approachable

Hear from Jill with Ronald Mcdonald House Charities of the Red River Valley. She shares how DonorDock made donor management approachable and simplified their onboarding.

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