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Boost Your Impact with DonorDock: Join Our Partner Program

Partner with DonorDock and Unlock New Earning Potential
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Why Join the DonorDock Partner Program?

Our Partner Program is designed for organizations and individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the nonprofit sector.

By joining us, you become a part of a community dedicated to enhancing fundraising efforts and operational efficiencies for small nonprofits across the country.

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How it works

By referring a nonprofit to sign up for a paid plan, both you and your referrals benefit.

When a nonprofit uses your unique link you'll receive a $500 commission as our way of saying thanks and they will receive 10% off their first payment at checkout.

1. Fill out the Application

Sign up is simple. Start by filling out the application form below. We want to know more about you and how we can work together to achieve mutual success.

2. Receive your referral link

Upon approval, you'll receive a unique referral link. Share it with your network, and watch as your impact—and earnings—grow with each new DonorDock user you bring on board.

3. Promote DonorDock

Get creative and share DonorDock in whatever ways fit you best! For example, you can write a blog article, record a YouTube video or share on social media.

4. Earn commission

You earn $500 cash from every new paid customer + the nonprofit will receive 10% off their first payment at checkout.
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Your Benefits as a DonorDock Partner

Earn Generous Commissions
For each new customer you refer to DonorDock, you'll receive a $500 commission.
Your success is our success, and we want to reward you for helping us grow.

Exclusive Discounts for Your Referrals
Anyone you refer will receive 10% off their first payment with DonorDock.
It's a win-win: your networks get access to our top-tier fundraising and management platform at a reduced cost, and you earn for every successful referral.

+ More to come
We're working on some exciting partner benefits like tiered rewards, Experts page for consultants, and more!

Ready to Make a Difference Together?

Joining the DonorDock Partner Program is more than just an opportunity to earn; it's a chance to be part of a movement that supports nonprofits in achieving their mission.

Whether you're a long-time advocate for charitable causes or looking to start making a difference, our partner program offers a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact.

Apply today
Together, we can empower nonprofits to reach their full potential.

Partner Program Application

Please fill in the details below so that we can get to know you.

First name*
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Company name (optional)
Contact Details
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What is your working
knowledge of DonorDock?
How many customers do you plan
to refer in the next 12 months?
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Why do you use or
recommend DonorDock?

We're looking for partners who are as passionate as we are to help small nonprofits find the tools to help them grow and thrive.

Your Why
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Do you currently partner with any other nonprofit CRMs?
If so, please list them and describe the nature of the partnership
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Current Partnerships
How do you plan to
promote DonorDock?
Promotion Plan
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Do you agree to participate
in training offered by DonorDock?
What support from DonorDock would make this partnership successful?
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Training & Support
Confirm Submission.

Thank you for applying to the Partner Program!
We will be in contact with approval and next steps.

Please add any additional information or comments you have
How did you hear about the Partner Program?
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Next step
🎉 Thanks for Applying!

We love partnering with like-minded individuals looking to equip our charities with the tools to make them more impactful.

We will review your application and email you with next steps.

If you haven't done so already, click the link below to schedule a walkthrough of DonorDock with us.
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Brand Guide and Resources


Brand Guide

Guidelines to help you use our branding assets effectively.


Logos, icons, and product screenshots to use.

1-pager PDF

An Executive summary of DonorDock to share.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Is the Partner Program free?
Yes, it's completely free to become a partner! There are no long term contracts required and you can end your relationship at any time.
Do I need to be a customer to promote DonorDock?
No, but we do believe that you can only recommend our product in a honest way if you are familiar with how it benefits nonprofits. We offer weekly training opportunities for our Partners or you can sign up for a demo here.
What will not get accepted?
There are a few cases which will result in termination in the Partner Program.
These include:
• Your website promotes or may in the future contain sexually explicit materials, violence, discrimination, and/or is otherwise used for illegal activities.
• We do not approve unfounded critical comparative reviews and any form of disparagement of our competitors products.
• Spamming and fraud.
• Paid Google Adwords search campaigns.
• Paid search campaigns containing our trademarks in other systems.
• Cybersquatting and typosquatting.
How long does it take to get paid?
Commissions are paid out monthly.
What if my referral didn't use my unique link?
If your referral signed up without using your referral please contact us and we will work to resolve it.
I still have questions
Simply contact us at info@donordock.com and we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have!

Sounds good? Let's partner!