Giving Days...Going Beyond the Donation

Bridgette Bitzegaio
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Giving days are often a part of a nonprofit's fundraising strategies. These may be local, regional, national, or even global days, such as Giving Tuesday. Giving days are often popular because of the sense of urgency and excitement, fundraising goals, community and donor engagement opportunities.

Your nonprofit put together a successful giving day, enjoyed the excitement, executed your plan, and hopefully met your goals...but now what? We are here to lay out next steps to help nonprofits carry their success after the giving day and beyond the donation.

After the Confetti and Celebration: What Happens Next?

Acknowledge and Engage with your Donors

It is important to acknowledge and engage with your donors after their gift.  Donors are more likely to give again and become long term supporters if they feel connected to your organization and see the impact their gift is making for your nonprofit.

  • Send new donors a welcome email. New donors from a giving day may not be as familiar with your organization as you think! Welcome them to your organization and share your story and mission.
  • Using DonorDock's CRM you can easily run a new donor standard report, send a templated email, and track your engagement.
  • Send individual thank you letters and receipts. This is a personal thank you beyond the IRS Written Acknowledgement.
  • Post a public thank you message.
  • Include community involvement.
  • Thank campaign sponsors and matching gift sponsors.
  • Share if your organization made your goal or share progress to your goal.

Donor CRM systems can help you easily segment donor information to help personalize your engagement with your donors and track those activities and touch points.

  • Ask donors their preferred methods of communication. Examples: Email, Mail, Phone Calls, Text Messages.
  • Track activities completed with your contacts and keep them up to date.
  • Segment your donor communication lists to personalize your communications and ensure they are relevant to your donors.

DonorDock goes one step further with automation and suggestions. It is like a fundraising assistant giving you insights and support

  • Get daily recommendations for donors to connect with based on your data
  • Reminders and alerts to ensure you always know what is happening.
Analyze and Communicate

Acknowledging and communication with your donors is key.  After that it is time to dig into your data to see what worked well with your campaign and giving day.

Run Reports and Analytics
  • New Donor Reports
  • Campaign Summary
  • Gift Reports
  • Activity Tracking and Results
  • Email Statistics

Additional reporting and data segmentation may be helpful when looking at campaign progress.

  • Major Donors
  • New donors
  • Sponsors
  • Recurring Donors
Analyze and Reflect
  • Celebrate the successes of your giving day and document what worked well to help develop a plan for next year or the next campaign.
  • For yearly events compare year over year data.
  • DonorDock CRM allows you easily run reports and see a dashboard of your data, stats, campaigns, and progress at a glance.

Take the time to engage with your donors, celebrate the successes, and reflect on things to improve after a giving day, then take the data, information, and successes and put them into action for the whole year through.

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Bridgette Bitzegaio
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