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From 18 spreadsheets to one donor database

Hear from Jeremiah at the Red River Zoo how DonorDock streamlined their donor management.

How the Red River Zoo integrated its membership and donor data with DonorDock

In this video, we hear from Jeremiah from the Red River Zoo– a zoo located in North Dakota and serving the Fargo-Moorhead area. As conservation leaders, the Red River Zoo connects their community to nature and inspires people to help save species.

Jeremiah shares how:

  • They simplified from 18 different spreadsheets to one central donor database
  • With DonorDock they were able to see a clear picture of their donors over the past 20 years
  • Great customer service helped them offer additional membership options
“Before DonorDock all our donors were tracked in about 18 different spreadsheets. You can imagine that made it difficult to really have an idea of who was giving. DonorDock became a central database of all our donors.”

Scattered data kept the Red River Zoo in the dark

The Red River Zoo had a scattered and complicated system for managing donors that relied on too many different spreadsheets. Because their donor data was siloed, they did not have a clear picture of who had been supporting them. When you are unsure of your donor base, it is difficult to follow up in a timely and relevant way. On top of separate spreadsheets to track donations, they also had an additional Google Sheet to track zoo memberships.

A streamlined donor management system

After migrating their data into DonorDock, they simplified from 18 different spreadsheets to one donor database. Now they have a clear picture of who their donors have been for the past 20 years. They were better able to gauge donor trends over the years and understand their donor base. With a clearer picture, they have direction for their donor outreach. In DonorDock they were able to combine their previous donor data and membership data in one place. Now, they knew whether a member had also given in the past or not. With their data all in one place, they finally had a big-picture view of supporters of the Red River Zoo.

Growing to meet the needs of nonprofits

As DonorDock features are added, nonprofits like the Red River Zoo can grow without added cost or resources. For instance, they can they now accept online donations tracked right in their donor management software. They have access to easy-to-use email marketing to reach out to donors.

“DonorDock has become so much more than it was even when it launched in 2018. They remind you when to communicate with your donors. You can send out emails, you can do online giving.”

Integrations that save time and resources

“I have to say the DonorDock team has been 100% great to work with. If you need special integrations, they're more than willing to work with you, like when we had to integrate with a membership card app.”

Not only did the Red River Zoo migrate its membership data into DonorDock, but they were also able to offer a digital membership card. This new feature simplifies tracking members and checking memberships. Because DonorDock integrates with Museum Anywhere's platform, member data is still stored in one easy-to-use system.

Save time and money with seamless donor tracking

“I can categorically state that DonorDock has saved us time & money by allowing us to seamlessly track our donors and members.”

For the Red River Zoo, DonorDock has been a game-changing product that solved their data management problems. As a smaller nonprofit, they are well served by a system that is easy to use for anyone on staff. With an accessible price point, DonorDock does everything they need and is cost-effective.

“DonorDock is a platform that everyone in our front office uses on a daily basis.  From entering donations to starting a new membership to sending out donation receipts, Donor Dock has made our life easier.”

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