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Over $3,500 saved annually with this one easy switch

Hear from Denise at CancerGRACE how switching to DonorDock simplified their donor management and saved them thousands of dollars annually.

Founded in 2007 by an oncologist, CancerGRACE is a small nonprofit with four employees and two contract employees. They support cancer patients by providing information to help them navigate their diagnosis and treatment.

Denise shares how:

  • CancerGRACE saves over $3,500* annually by switching to DonorDock
  • They are able to easily generate the reports they need with just a few clicks
  • They simplified their donor outreach by eliminating the need for an email marketing platform
“[DonorDock] has freed up time because I can just click into it and do something in 10 minutes. [With DonorPerfect] I might have saved things up for a while because I was dreading having to go in and do the work. Now I just plop it in and it's done.

Clunky software slowed this small nonprofit down

Before switching to DonorDock, CancerGRACE used DonorPerfect as its donor management CRM. The software felt difficult and time-consuming to use. Working on donor management became a dreaded task because pulling reports and accessing data was so difficult. On top of that, DonorPerfect’s base price is expensive, and they charge extra to pull custom reports. With a small team that couldn’t afford the luxury of a tech wizard to manage DonorPerfect, CancerGRACE struggled with a complex donor management system. While DonorPerfect is a very robust software, CancerGRACE needed an easy-to-use nonprofit CRM built with small nonprofits in mind.

Simplified donor management that saves time and money

We'd been looking at changing anyway because [DonorPerfect] wasn't really filling our needs, and [DonorDock] fit the bill in a lot of ways.

While upgrading their donor process, CancerGRACE found DonorDock through a recommendation from Classy. They were looking for an easy-to-navigate CRM. With a user-friendly nonprofit CRM, anyone at CancerGRACE is able to get the information they need without handholding.

Instead of me having to pull every report and add all the information, it's nice to have other people feel comfortable. They look at it and go, “Oh, that's pretty clear what I'm supposed to do to enter this information.”

What really got CancerGRACE excited about DonorDock was its simplicity and ease of use. The platform has native integration with Classy and allows for customizable reports, all at a price that didn’t break the bank! On top of that, they were able to increase their donor outreach with templates and an easy-to-use email builder.

I don't have to upload extra databases or anything like that into DonorDock because they're already there. You can parse out who you want emails to go to and it's been great. I actually think the building of the email itself, all the tools you have in order to build an HTML email, it's almost better than it was before with Constant Contact.

Running a nonprofit that relies heavily on grants, tracking funding is a big deal, but it shouldn't be rocket science. Now, they easily enter data, generate reports with a few clicks, and keep tabs on their grants. With an intuitive nonprofit CRM, Denise has freed up more of her time. She’s doing less handholding and training of the staff -even CancerGRACE's executive director is jumping right in!

The true ROI

In addition to simplifying their workload, CancerGRACE has saved over $3,500 annually*. Between paying extra for custom reports, email marketing, and having to pay for customer support, the hidden costs of DonorPerfect added up.

Now with DonorDock, CancerGRACE easily creates the reports they need at no added cost! And with a drag-and-drop email builder and email templates, donor outreach is easy and straightforward. Designing emails that fit their nonprofit’s brand is simple to do, and they’ve been able to increase their donor communication.

Because DonorDock knows nonprofits thrive when they have the support they need, if CancerGRACE runs into trouble, customer support is always free!

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*This number does not include DonorPerfect’s additional platform fee. DonorDock keeps online giving free for nonprofits. We never charge for you to accept a donation.

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