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Combining siloed data into one platform

Hear from Emily at the ND Autism Center how DonorDock's commitment to empathetic customer service means their nonprofit's needs are being served.

In this video, we hear from Emily at the North Dakota Autism Center – a nonprofit that works to raise awareness of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in North Dakota, grow the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) population, and most importantly: provide resources to children and families in their community. Their primary focus is providing the highest quality, most effective, safe, and comprehensive ABA services in the state of North Dakota.

Emily shares how:

  • They simplified from multiple programs to DonorDock for gift and donor management.
  • DonorDock’s updates continue to meet the needs of their nonprofit
  • They know DonorDock’s support team listens and cares about what they need.

“Before DonorDock, we were using multiple programs to track our donations and our donors. We did a lot of switching between programs.

We use DonorDock to track our donations, our donors’ info: contact info, any notes about them, it can track everything from their birthday to their spouse to where they work. It tracks a lot of information about our donors and lets us build those relationships better.

The great thing about DonorDock’s team is that they're always listening. They're always growing. They really understand what a nonprofit needs, and they're always willing to learn from us—constantly updating, changing, and improving their product.

DonorDock software is very user-friendly. If you don't know what you're looking for, there is amazing help, and you can always reach out to the DonorDock team. They are so quick to reply. It's like a family. They really get to know you and they listen. They're always willing to learn and grow. They’re just amazing to work with.”

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