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What is Zapier?
Integrate DonorDock and 5,000+ apps with just a few clicks.
Zapier allows you to connect your applications to DonorDock, no technical prowess needed.

Zapier allows you to connect DonorDock to anything

When you use Zapier and DonorDock together, it allows you to automatically transfer data (like contacts, gifts, or activities) from other software that you use, into DonorDock.

For example, you could use Zapier to:

  • Automatically create new DonorDock contacts when someone fills out a Google Form.
  • Automatically create sales receipts in Quickbooks Online when a donation is recorded in DonorDock.

While all software integrations come with their own degree of complications, Zapier does a great job of shielding you from any complexity and makes integrating your software tools as easy as it can possibly be.

Zapier is available on some pricing plans.

What is



Zapier is a user-friendly tool that lets you easily send info between DonorDock and the other software tools you use.

What is DonorDock?

Build Relationships
With email outreach and nudges
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With an all-in-one CRM
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