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This free resource library is simply a listing of tools we think you might find useful and interesting. These tools are not supported by DonorDock and, in most cases, are not partnered with or affiliated with DonorDock.
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Frequently Asked Questions about the Free Nonprofit Templates Library

About The Free Nonprofit Resources Library

Is this library really free?

Yes! This list of nonprofit resources is offered free to you with no obligation or expectation to make a purchase of any kind. This library is a collection of free resources especially for small to medium sized nonprofit leaders who are wearing a lot of hats, and are looking for tools, templates and tips to improve their fundraising.

This library also includes recommendations for software tools that may come with a monthly fee. The intention is to provide helpful recommendations based on the needs on nonprofits. Any item that comes with a cost is clearly labeled.

What happens if I share my email address?

When you add your email, you agree to subscribe to our list of resources and updates. You can unsubscribe at any time.

We may also contact you to offer additional free or paid products and services that align with your interests. If you'd rather not receive updates or information, simply unsubscribe from any email you receive.

What is DonorDock?

DonorDock helps nonprofits organize their fundraising, marketing, contacts, and tracking in one place. DonorDock is a generous sponsor of the Free Resource Library.


  • Collect Gifts
  • Sent Receipts and Emails
  • Direct Mail and Newsletters
  • Track Contacts
  • Attract Donors
  • Donor CRM
  • Recurring Gifts
  • Track Tasks and Activities
  • Track Volunteers and Events
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Gift Tracking
  • More


  • Affordable and Transparent Pricing ( )
  • Unlimited Contacts and Features
  • #1 Rated By Nonprofits
  • 0% Online Giving Platform Fees
  • Voted "Easiest To Use" and "Best Return On Investment" By G2

Pricing: DonorDock is designed to be affordable for small nonprofits. See Pricing


DonorDock was designed with the idea of beautiful simplicity in mind. Features like our "Action Board", a prescriptive tool that distills down all of the data and provides you indicators on which of your donors need attention, and our advanced analytics that help you easily understand what your data is telling you, DonorDock is designed to help you excel at fundraising.

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