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Online Giving Assessment

Are your donation pages and forms optimized to convert donors?

In the world of nonprofit fundraising, the success of your organization depends on your ability to attract and retain donors. While there are many ways to reach potential donors, your website's donation page is one of the most important.

The Online Giving Assessment tool helps you evaluate your nonprofit's online donation forms and pages so that you can effectively engage donors, inspire trust, and streamline the giving process.

Benefits of optimizing your donation pages and forms: 

· Increased Donor Conversion: By identifying and addressing issues with your donation pages and forms, you can improve the donor conversion rate.

· Grow Donor Trust: When you use design and security best practices, you build trust with potential donors.

· Make your donation forms user-friendly: Streamlining the donation process helps avoid donor drop-offs and keeps donation forms mobile friendly.

This assessment will help you see the highest return on investment actions you can take to improve your donation forms.

The Online Giving Assessment tool empowers nonprofits to enhance their online presence and create a seamless giving experience. Investing time and energy into improving this page will be well worth your efforts.

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