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Donation Page Playbook

Improve Your Donation Page Results

Did you know on average, only 4% of donation page traffic actually results in a donation? 

That means the majority of people who go to a nonprofit donation page don't end up giving!

What are the donation page best practices that can improve your donation page results? 

  • Keep your "why" front and center
  • Make it simple and easy to give
  • Share donation impact
  • Eliminate sources of worry

We've created a comprehensive guide with actionable steps to help you optimize your donation page.

The essence of a successful donation page isn't just in its design or content; it's about understanding the psychology of your donors, the factors that motivate them, and creating a seamless experience that encourages them to support your cause generously. This guide works like a template to make a donation page that resonates with your donor base.  Whether you're just starting out and need a donation page template, or you're looking to refresh your existing page, this playbook is an invaluable resource.

Inside, you'll discover:

  • Steps to reduce donation page friction
  • Proven best practice donation page strategies
  • Insight into the do's and don'ts of donation page design.
  • Tips on engaging content that resonates with potential donors.
  • Techniques to make the donation process as smooth as possible.
  • Tips on engaging content that resonates with potential donors.

Ready to elevate your fundraising game? Download our Donation Page playbook and remove donation page friction for your donors!

This donation page playbook works like a template and reference to help you improve your website's donation page. You can implement these changes on your own using any platform you would like, or you can use DonorDock to help you instantly create a donation page that follows these best practices.

Get the playbook now and start raising more funds.