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Free GivingTuesday Email Templates

Skip the writers block with these pre-designed email templates!

Let's simplify your GivingTuesday fundraising

Ready to make this GivingTuesday a breeze? Let's skip the writers block with these pre-designed GivingTuesday templates. Spread the word that you're taking part in GivingTuesday and invite you constituents to make a real impact.

These free HTML email templates are downloadable, so you can update the content to match your nonprofit's branding. Next, import them into the email system of your choice, and watch the donation come in!

Ready to launch your GivingTuesday Campaign?

DonorDock is here to be your fundraising sidekick this GivingTuesday. With DonorDock you can easily design a beautifully branded GivingTuesday donation page. And, you can even set up automatic thank you emails and receipts, so your donors know how much you appreciate their gifts. DonorDock is an all-in-one Donor Development system that connects your giving pages directly to its donor management platform, so all your donor data is in one place. But more than that, DonorDock serves up actionable tasks to keep your donors engaged with your nonprofit! Find out if DonorDock is the key to unlocking your GivingTuesday success!