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Use DonorDock and Mailchimp Together

DonorDock has a built-in email marketing tool, so many orgs choose to simply use the built-in tools. But for organizations that are already comfortable using MailChimp, or rely on its advanced features, this integration can help! 

When a contact is created in DonorDock, Create or update that contact in Mailchimp. | Template

DISCLAIMER: This is an example template to help you get started with integrating DonorDock and Mailchimp. This template is not a DonorDock product and is provided solely as an as-is resource to assist you with your integration. While DonorDock supports the Zapier Connector, we do not support individual Zaps, Zap setup, or other Zapier connected services.

What is



Share your ideas with Mailchimp email newsletters—then use its landing page and form builders to grow your lists and take marketing further with drip and transactional emails.

What is DonorDock?

Build Relationships
With email outreach and nudges
Manage Donor Info
With an all-in-one CRM
Accept Donations
With unlimited customizable donation pages
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