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Integration Guide

Harness Giving

Connect DonorDock & Harness through our Zapier integration.


Our DonorDock to Harness integration utilizes Zapier.

What is Zapier:   Zapier is a 3rd party integration platform that will enable you to connect DonorDock to many other apps and tools.

  1. Start by creating a Zapier account, if you don't already have one. Use a business email address and sign up https://zapier.com/home.
  2. Use this invitation link to access the DonorDock app to start your integration.
  3. After creating your Zapier account and accepting our invitation, click the Make A Zap button in Zapier.
  4. Create API keys to use to connect DonorDock to Zapier. Follow our API Keys guide here.

To use DonorDock as the action (example, create a new gift in DonorDock when a trigger happens) perform the following steps:

  1. Click Make a Zap and choose Harness as the app.
  2. Choose the appropriate trigger, for our example, New Online Donation.
  3. Connect your Harness account.
  4. Click Test and Continue.
  5. Select DonorDock from the list of apps and choose the action you want to take.
  6. Connect to DonorDock using the API Keys from step 4 above. Enter your unique DonorDock URL when prompted.
  7. Map the appropriate fields from Harness to DonorDock.
  8. Click Test and Continue.
  9. Once you have tested, you can turn on your Zap.

To learn more about DonorDock and Zapier, click here. If you need assistance with an integration, please email us at support@donordock.com.