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Product Update: Signup Forms, Pledges, and Gift Reports

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We're always making improvements to DonorDock, here are some new functions and improvements that have just been added.

Introducing Signup Forms

Now you can easily invite people to sign up for your DonorDock marketing lists without needing to use an external form or Zapier connection.

These forms can be used on your website to:

  • Collect Newsletter Signups
  • Collect signups for volunteers,
  • Allow contacts to opt into specific areas of interest for more targeted emails.

Just like Donation forms, you can embed donation forms on your your website, or link them as a standalone page.

The "Email" Tab is Now the Marketing Tab

You'll notice that the emails tab has been replaced by a "marketing" tab. This now includes the emails and signup form.

Pledged Gifts Got an Upgrade

Collecting and tracking pledges is easier than ever with DonorDock. (if you're unfamiliar with pledges: a pledge is a commitment that a donor makes to give funds in the future.)  Before the recent upgrade, pledges were managed as a type of donation. Now, pledges are their own thing, so they're easier to find, use, and update over time.

A few highlights:

  • You can now connect a pledge to received gifts to be able to track your pledge fulfillment.
  • You can now create and add pledges directly from the "quick add" button.
  • When creating a pledge, simply enter the total pledged amount and an installment schedule, and DonorDock will automatically do the math for you, breaking the pledge into installments that are trackable.
  • You can use templates (including the prebuilt pledge templates) to follow up on pledges that have not yet been received.
  • Pledges can be associated with specific campaigns, funds, or appeals.
  • Now, you'll be able to more easily see how much of a pledge has already been given, and how much is still waiting to be received.

Pledges are brand new, so we'd love to hear your ideas for improvement, and if you spot a bug, you can let us know here. Since this new pledge functionality is still in it's early days. here's a few things to note:

  • Pledge instalments cant be edited once a pledge has been created. If you're not sure about the installment schedule for your pledge, select "do not create installments". if you do need to edit the installment schedule, you can create a new pledge with the updated installment schedule, and delete the old one.
  • Any pledges you've already created in DonorDock are now visible as a pledge, instead of as a donation.
  • When running a gift report, a pledged gift will still appear as a "donation" with the type "pledge" 

View Gift Reports For Individual Contacts

Now you can more easily access a report detailing every transaction related to a contact. (gifts, pledges, memberships, and tickets). You can access the gift report from a contact profile, by clicking the ellipses and selecting the gift report. This can be easily exported to spreadsheets for easy access elsewhere.

This is an early version of this functionality, so It’s not recommended to try and access other system reports from this area, as you wont be able to filter them from this view.

Other Updates and Improvement

besides these huge upgrades, we've been listening to your feedback, and making other improvements along the way.

  • We added additional fields to the import template, including Birthdate, Former Name, Household Role and Nicknames
  • Added Membership Reports - Recent expirations, upcoming expirations, current member
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements

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The DonorDock Team

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