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Effective Communication Through DonorDock Email

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As a nonprofit, the work of fundraising is never done; and the COVID-19 pandemic has required us to become resourceful in different ways.

With DonorDock, it is our mission to help you balance that constant communication easily and effectively between you and your donors.

Whether you are new to DonorDock or just need a refresher of the highlights, great audio and visual resources can be found in our learning library for you to obtain the most value out of our platform.

You can find helpful information on navigating the platform, inputting data, pulling reports, creating and managing marketing lists and so much more! In particular, we would like to highlight DonorDock 101 - Lesson 7 – Manage your templates for receipts and marketing.

In our video you will learn how to access our templates for receipts and emails.

For the purpose of this blog we will focus on email templates, which are there to serve the framework to get you started or simply spark inspiration in a communication you want to put together.

There are multiple themes that include holiday emails, appeals, newsletters, etc. that will serve as a reference to help you figure the best layout and features you want to include in your email.

One of things that we pride ourselves on is making our platform intuitive and easy to use. So you will find out quickly that you can update a provided template by changing out a picture or video; or by removing something in the template to replace it with a quick drag and drop from the content menu.

Once you have completed your masterpiece, use the Save As button to create a new copy. Then when you are ready to use it in your next campaign, thank you, holiday greeting email or newsletter you will just load the template from the emails page.

You can of course make edits from here too! Here are some suggestions on ways to use the available email templates to get you started or stay connected with your donors.

Newsletter Template

Consider sending a monthly or quarterly newsletter that shows what your company has been up to. Be transparent with your donors explaining how the pandemic has affected your organization and ways that you’ve combatted diversity with their help.

Showcase a video of the CEO to summarize your organization’s activities or communicate a personal thank you to your donors during this tough time and through the years.

Event Invite Template

Just because things have been postponed or cancelled this year doesn’t mean we can’t plan and get everyone hyped for them next year! You could use this template as an opportunity to integrate a survey you’ve created requesting ideas from your donors on the next event.

This will be a way to capture a fun gathering you may not have thought of and keep donors engaged with something to look forward to.

Simple Appeal Template

A segmented email that highlights the main points will help tell the story of what you are trying to accomplish with your appeal. You can drag and drop a button to Donate Now bringing them directly to your online giving page.

You could also add in links to your social media platforms keeping your members informed and involved on multiple mediums.

Happy Birthday Template

Birthday cards are a great way of communicating nothing more than you are just thinking of someone on their special day! After all, our donor’s help make our days special all the time!

If you don’t have your donor’s birthday, you can easily turn this into a Happy Anniversary card to thank them for their years of contributions to your organization’s cause!

With the COVID-19 pandemic requiring a slight obstacle in the interactions with our donors you have been forced to adapt and overcome. A good medium to keep your donors engaged and passionate about your cause is the ever so safe, social distant email.

It is also important to remember that all templates can be mail merged should you want to send a letter to your donor to make it a little more personal.

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Matt Bitzegaio

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