Watch & Learn

DonorDock 101

Watch our short video series to learn how easy it is to become a DonorDock pro in about the time it takes to watch an episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”.


Finding your way around

Start with the basics of navigation and terminology - a solid foundation to build your DonorDock skills on.


Settings & Users

Customize DonorDock for your organization and invite your team.


Onboard Your Data

Import your existing data from other systems or spreadsheets.


Input Data

Learn how to enter gifts, manage contacts, create campaigns and more.


Know Your Priorities & Next Moves

With data coming in, learn how the DonorDock Action Board provides intelligent response recommendations.


Become a Data Expert

All the gears are turning now! Understand your organization’s fundraising effectiveness with analytics and drive decisions with our robust reporting.


Manage Your Templates for Receipts & Marketing

Now it is time to get to the next level – learn to manage your templates for receipts and marketing to brand things to your organization.


Engage With Your Donors Through Email

Email communication is very important – learn how to engage one-to-many with your contacts using DonorDock’s email tools.