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Ep. 32 | Marketing as a Force for Good with Noah Barnett

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In this episode of Beyond the Donation, host Matt Bitzegaio talks with Noah Barnett about the power of marketing in the nonprofit world.

Noah shares his journey from being intrigued by the influence of marketing on consumer behavior to applying marketing strategies for mission-driven goals. He outlines the development of the 'Good Marketing Framework,' a tool designed to enhance marketing campaigns by focusing on understanding the target audience, cultivating connections, activating action, and learning from outcomes.

Noah emphasizes the importance of viewing marketing as a crucial component of mission success and challenges the idea that marketing is merely overhead in nonprofits.

The conversation includes insights on donor retention, acquisition, and the strategic role of marketing in driving growth and engagement within nonprofit organizations.

00:00 Welcome to Beyond the Donation

00:27 Introducing Noah Barnett: A Journey from Curiosity to Marketing Mastery

04:34 The Power of Nonprofit Marketing: Perspectives and Challenges

14:50 Redefining Marketing Strategy: The Good Marketing Framework

The four steps in the framework:

  1. Identifying and understanding who within your community you're trying to reach
  2. Cultivate connection through content and different channels of communication
  3. Activate to action: What is the first “yes” you want your audience to choose
  4. The learning step: analyze your data and insights to make better decisions moving forward

22:06 Goal Mapping and Audience Understanding: A Dual Approach

23:50 The Power of Context and Intent in Marketing

27:05 The Efficiency of Intention-Driven Marketing

29:47 Embracing Data-Driven Marketing for Nonprofits

33:04 The Importance of Experimentation in Marketing

35:44 Advice for Nonprofit Leaders on Embracing Marketing

39:44 Connecting with the Community Beyond Donations

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The Good Marketing Framework with Feathr

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