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Ep. 31 | Navigating Big Decisions and Growth in Nonprofits with Emily Taylor

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Title: Navigating Big Decisions and Growth in Nonprofits with Emily Taylor

In this episode of Beyond the Donation, host Matt Bitzegaio chats with Emily Taylor of teenyBIG, who specializes in helping nonprofits navigate through significant decisions and strategic growth. Emily discusses the importance of recognizing and addressing pivotal moments for nonprofits and shares her insights on decision-making, the impacts of such decisions on organizational growth, and strategies for moving forward confidently.

She highlights the critical distinction between small and large decisions and offers a three-step process to help leaders tackle major choices. Emily's approach focuses on understanding the fears and barriers to decision-making, engaging with stakeholders, and crafting a detailed plan.

The conversation also touches on the risks of overreliance on key individuals within organizations and advises on mitigating these issues. Emily's recommendations emphasize the importance of identity and brand for nonprofits in decision-making.

00:00 Introduction to Beyond the Donation

00:28 Meet Emily Taylor: Guiding Nonprofits Through Growth

00:46 The Art of Decision-Making in Nonprofit Leadership

02:13 Navigating Big Decisions with Strategic Insights

07:56 Overcoming Decision Quicksand: Strategies for Nonprofits

09:13 Empowering Nonprofit Leaders: Steps to Effective Decision Making

12:19 Addressing Over-Reliance on Key Individuals in Nonprofits

18:22 Final Advice and How to Connect with Emily Taylor

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