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Ep. 28 | Getting Grant-Ready, an interview with Jennifer Yarbrough

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In this episode of Beyond the Donation, host Matt Bitzegaio chats with Jennifer Yarbrough, a veteran in the nonprofit sector with more than 30 years of experience. Jennifer shares key strategies on getting grant-ready from her three decades of experience in grant writing, fundraising, coaching, and mentoring. She discusses the significance of aligning the nonprofit's mission with the grant funder's objectives, the importance of impact measurement and evaluation, as well as the struggles nonprofits face locating and applying for relevant grants. Jennifer also highlights the value of persistence, networking, clear communication of mission, and relationship building in the funding realm. Lastly, she provides resources for finding grants and measuring impact.

00:04 Introduction

00:26 Getting to Know Jennifer Yarbrough

02:19 Understanding the Basics of Grant Funding

03:21 The Importance of Being Grant Ready

04:24 Starting a Nonprofit and Seeking Grants

06:14 Challenges and Strategies in Securing Grants

07:44 Writing a Compelling Grant Application

10:58 The Role of Relationship Building in Grant Funding

12:50 Finding Relevant Grant Opportunities

15:34 Measuring and Reporting Impact

17:58 Final Advice and Connecting with Jennifer Yarbrough

21:39 Conclusion





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