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Ep. 27 | Building strong digital communities, an interview with Sarah Suarez

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In the 'Beyond the Donation' podcast hosted by Matt Bitzegaio, he is joined by guest Sarah Suarez, a digital community strategist for nonprofits. They cover key strategies for nonprofits to enhance their fundraising activities by building digital communities, understanding audiences, and creating engaging content. Suarez provides practical recommendations for an effective social media presence, including frequency of posting, using scheduling tools, and turning followers into active supporters. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of measuring social media engagement to ensure the strategies align with their organizational goals. Suarez encourages nonprofits not to neglect their digital community as it extends their reach beyond their immediate networks and can significantly amplify their impact.

00:04 Introduction to Beyond the Donation

00:26 Meet the Guest: Sarah Suarez

01:46 Understanding Digital Communities

02:57 Creating a Social Media Strategy

04:08 Identifying and Engaging Your Target Audience

06:32 Creating Engaging Content

08:10 Posting Frequency and Tools for Scheduling

10:15 Converting Social Media Followers into Supporters

12:12 Measuring Social Media Success

13:41 Final Advice and Conclusion

To Connect with Sarah Suarez:

Instagram | Website

To Connect with Beyond the Donation Podcast:

BTD Podcast | DonorDock LinkedIn | Matt LinkedIn

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Elisha Ford
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