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Ep. 19 | A Broadcast on Burnout, an interview with Kelsey Buell

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Our Guest: Kelsey Buell, Founder, You Flourish Company

About Kelsey: From a career in recruiting to one in nonprofits, Kelsey found her niche in coaching people in connecting, reflecting, and prospering in life and business. She founded You Flourish Company to help individuals and corporate teams do just that.

[2:00] Defining burnout, how it differs from stress

[4:35] “I think the moment we start noticing our behavior is changing a little bit, that might be a sign we’re on this track to burnout.” - Kelsey Buell

[5:26] Difference between burnout and depression

[6:18] 4 Pillars of Burnout

[7:05] Common threads of burnout in nonprofit space

[9:30] SW, SW, SW, SW, Next - Formula

[11:40] Creating a healthy, fulfilling work life

[15:20] What to do if you reach the point of burnout

[17:48] The effect(s) of Covid on burnout in work

[21:42] Goal segmentation importance in preventing burnout

[22:50] Resources

FREE GUIDE - Top 10 Ways to Prevent Burnout

Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle


Women's Goal Setting Summit - January 12th 2024

More About Kelsey:

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