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Ep. 17 | Involved and Invested, an interview with Ryan Goodman

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Our Guest: Ryan Goodman, Entrepreneur/Philanthropist/Investor

About Ryan: Ryan is an accomplished businessman, active serving on various boards and involved in the philanthropic space. He considers himself a “serial entrepreneur”, with a wide range of business and investing experience. Outside of his career involvement, he serves on various boards, volunteers, and invests his time in his community.

[4:00] Why Ryan believes in DonorDock

[6:29] Focus in an organization from a board member’s perspective

[9:30] How board members can increase an organization’s impact

[12:00] Be and stay informed

[13:35] “When you’re signing up to be on a board, you’re a part of that leadership team. You have a responsibility to be able to represent that organization well.”  - Ryan Goodman

[13:50] When Executive Directors Transition

[16:02] Donor Advised Funds

[20:28] Endowment Funds

[24:00] Ryan’s advice for engaging with organizations

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