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Ep. 15 | Cryptocurrency Fundraising Made Easy, an interview with Pat Duffy, Co-Founder of The Giving Block

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Our Guest: Pat Duffy, Co-Founder of The Giving Block

About Pat: Pat’s background wound around an unconventional path to get him where he is today, co-founder of The Giving Block and working heavily with cryptocurrency. The Giving Block sets up nonprofits to take non-cash (cryptocurrency) donations in real-time. They also help NPOs actively fundraise in the cryptocurrency market.

(2:08) Introduction to/about cryptocurrency

(4:19) Differentiating between types of cryptocurrencies

(6:00) Navigating volatility (“The volatility fear, is – to nonprofits – an illusion.” - Pat Duffy)

(8:54) The Giving Block process summed up

(10:45 Security aspect of cryptocurrency donations

“If you’re willing to accept dollars, you’re willing to accept a lot more risk than accepting something like Bitcoin.” - Pat Duffy (14:35)

[14:50] The value in NPOs receiving cryptocurrency donations (The average gift size for cryptocurrency donations is $6,500.)

[18:00] Noncash donations other than cryptocurrency

[22:30] How The Giving Block is Insulating nonprofits from the complexity of noncash donation receiving

[25:55] Pricing models

More About Pat:

LinkedIn The Giving Block Website

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