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Ep. 14 | , an interview with Julie Peterson Klein, Chief of Staff/EVP/Chief Culture Officer at Bell Bank

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Episode Title: Creating a Culture of Giving, an interview with Julie Peterson Klein, Chief of Staff, EVP, Chief Culture Officer of Bell Bank

Our Guest: Julie Peterson Klein, Chief of Staff, EVP, Chief Culture Officer of Bell Bank

About Pay It Forward: Julie has been at Bell Bank for 24 years and shares that her favorite part of her job is coordinating the PIF program. The PIF program started in 2008 and continues to this day. Each year, full-time employees are given $1,000, and part-time employees are given $500 to donate to a cause or nonprofit organization(s) of their choice. Bell has 2,000 employees in over 18 states who participate in this program.

(1:15) Introduction to and explanation of the Pay It Forward program

(2:45) Leadership and employee commitment to the program

“This year [2023] we’re celebrating 15 years and over $26,000,000 in giving.” – Julie Peterson Klein

(3:25) How the program came into existence at Bell

(5:18) Is there a favorite PIF story?

(7:18) Does employee growth translate to enthusiasm growth?

“It’s really purpose over paycheck. People want to come to work, come to a company, where they have a purpose and this Pay it Forward program has completely helped us with that.” – Julie Peterson Klein

[10:50] Advice for nonprofits finding/vetting board members

[13:35] Building relationships with corporate sponsors

More About Julie:

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