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Ep. 13 | Navigating Negative Circumstances with Positive Results, an interview with Steve Johns, CEO of OneCause

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Our Guest: Steve Johns, CEO of OneCause & Author of Fearless: Leadership Lessons at the Crossroads

About Steve: In 2014, Steve moved to Indianapolis from Chicago, taking his 30+ years of financial management experience with him to join OneCause as their CEO. He enjoys his work and his family, especially as a new grandfather!

(2:40) The book Fearless: Leadership Lessons at the Crossroads
based on the experience of leading OneCause through the Covid19 pandemic

(6:27) Leadership transparency & vulnerability

“It’s almost like a paradox because people consider vulnerabilities sometimes to be a weakness, and I think that it really starts from a position of strength. You have to be strong enough to admit you don’t have all the answers.” - Steve Johns

(9:50) Functioning in pandemic-pivots

(13:40) Confidence amid chaos

(15:15) OneCause, Nonprofits, and Donors overcoming together

[16:38] Fundraising changes, evolution, and results from the pandemic

[21:00] OneCause & DonorDock Integration
The benefits & importance of data

[25:00] Innovation emphasized

Steve’s Golden Nugget: We have to tackle the donor retention issue, utilizing the golden rule. Be timely. Be responsive. Build relationship.

More About Steve:

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