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Ep. 12 | Meaningful Marketing in a Digital Age, an interview with Sami Bedell-Mulhern, Founder of The First Click

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Our Guest: Sami Bedell-Mulhern, Founder of The First Click

About Sami: Sami has been involved with the nonprofit space since 2006. She found her niche role helping small to medium-sized nonprofits with their digital marketing with her consulting. She loves helping organizations share their stories in a more impactful way.

(3:30) The big mistake nonprofits make in their digital marketing

(4:45) Nonprofits making an impactful web presence

“Use your website to speak to the motivations of why the donors give... Speaking to the motivation of the visitor is critical.” - Sami Bedell-Mulhern

(6:00) Tying your goals into your digital marketing strategy

(7:01) The process of planning a website presence for an NPO

(10:23) How to make your mission stand out

“Understand you do what you do in a way that is uniquely you, that that’s okay, and you’re running your own race.” - Sami Bedell-Mulhern

[14:29] Where Sami recommends you start

[14:43] NPOs & social media

[16:21] Relationship among digital presence channels

Canva for Nonprofits

[18:49] Social media and donor retention

[21:03] Dissecting the “promo kit”

[23:23] Other ways NPOs can successfully market without a large team or budget

More About Sami Bedell-Mulhern:

LinkedIn Digital Marketing Therapy Podcast Website

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