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Ep. 04 | Doubling Fundraising with Half the Effort, an interview with Grace Green, Double the Donation

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Our Guest: Grace Green, Partnership Success Specialist, Double the Donation

About Double the Donation: Grace works with partners to establish meaningful technology providers to make matching gift automation a seamless process for organizations looking to take advantage of an existing resource that often goes underutilized. DTD is the leading provider for nonprofits raising more from corporate matching gift programs and volunteer grant programs, using 360 Match Pro.

(2:20) Matching Gift Program 101

(4:19) How Corporate Matching is a Win-Win

(5:35) Number of Companies on Record for Matching Employee Gifts

(7:48) Types of Charities Implementing Matching Gifts

(8:52) How to Get Started with Matching Gifts

(11:07) How Money Comes in to Your Organization

(13:04) Double the Donation Resources Available

(16:13) Integrations with DTD

(21:00) Bringing it All Home – Killer tip from Grace!

Golden BTD Nugget: A great tip for someone who is looking to get started with matching gift programs in general, is just start asking donors where they work.

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get. If you don’t ask, you don’t know.” - Grace Green

Grace’s Pro Tip: Especially toward year-end, remember to go back through the year and look at other donations made that could possibly be eligible for a matching gift, if the donor is able to go back and submit to their employer. This is also another way to connect with donors and keep them engaged and up to date with your mission!

More about Double the Donation:

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More About Grace Green:


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