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25 Text Message Examples for Donor Engagement and Donations

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Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of yet another donor outreach channel? We get it. There are so many different ways you could be reaching out to your donors, so why should you add fundraising text messages into your arsenal?

If you're looking for short donation messages examples, you've come to the right place as we'll be sharing some effective and concise examples to inspire your fundraising efforts.

Here’s why, Fundraising text messages can drive donations when done right. With 98% of text messages being opened within 5 minutes, text message fundraising is an effective way to get visibility for your nonprofit.

But how do you craft impactful texts? In this blog, we’ll look at the basics of donor outreach through text messaging and give you 25 fundraising text message templates that are easily editable for your specific nonprofit.

Table of Contents:

Creating memorable fundraising text messages

Creating a fundraising text that sticks in the mind of your donor can be tricky. But with the right approach, you can develop winning texts that inspire donors to contribute towards your cause. When it comes to texting, clarity and brevity go a long way. Keep your texts concise while making sure they pack a punch.

However, engaging your donors needs to be about more than just a donation ask. Craft fundraising text messages that create a personal connection with your donors. Use donor segmentation to make sure that you’re reaching out to the right donors at the right time.

Remember: when supporters receive a text message from you, it should resonate emotionally and drive them to action.

Templates for fundraising text messages

If you’re interested in learning more about fundraising text message best practices, be sure to check out our article on donation text message best practices.

The text message templates below are editable and customizable to your organization. In each of the texts, bracketed [] sections indicate placeholder words for you to replace with your own nonprofit’s information. Now, let’s get into these 25 fundraising text messages that are sure to take your donor engagement to the next level!

Donation ask text message templates

You might feel a bit unsure about asking for a donation via text. By following these fundraising text message best practices you can increase your donation conversion rates. A fundraising text message should always include a clear Call To Action (CTA). You want how and where to give to be obvious and easily accessible to potential donors. When possible, include the specific use for donations, and it’s important to use personal, engaging language.

Example fundraising text in DonorDock
Matching Gift Appeal shown in DonorDock
  1. Donation Request: Impact lives today. Donate [$x] to [Organization] to provide [impact] to [person impacted] for [length of impact]. Give now at [link to donation page]
  2. Recurring Donation Request:[Donor's Name], have you considered setting up a recurring donation? It's an easy way to help [impact]. Set it up today at [link]
  3. Urgency Appeal #1: We're just [$x] away from reaching our goal and [impact]. Your help can take us across the line! Give now at [link]
  4. Urgency Appeal #2: We’re close to meeting our fundraising goal of [amount] to fight [cause]. Will you help us reach the finish line? Give today at [donation page link]
  5. Matching Gift Appeal: Until [end-date], every donation given to [nonprofit] will be doubled by [sponsor]. Your $20 could become $40! Double your impact now by giving at [link]
  6. Impact Ask: Did you know [sad fact]? But every gift helps [impact]. Donate today and make a difference [link]
  7. Lapsed Donor Ask: [Donor name], last year thanks to donors like you, we [impact]. Would you donate again? Give now: [link]

If you want to send bulk text messages just like an email, you can personalize text messages and send them in bulk right in DonorDock and have all of your texts connected to your donors automatically.

Text message templates for fundraising event invitations

It is important to advertise your nonprofit’s events on multiple channels, and text messaging is a great way to guarantee eyes on your message. Texts also work great as a reminder for someone who has said that they’d like to attend or already registered.

  1. Annual Event Invite: Hi [Donor's Name], our Annual Gala is coming up on [date]. It'd mean a lot to us if you’re there. Register today [link]
  2. Upcoming Event: Dear [Donor's Name], we're excited to announce [event] on [date]. We'd love for you to join us and learn more about our upcoming [projects/initiatives]. Sign up today [link]
  3. Event Reminder: Hey [Donor’s Name], Thanks for purchasing a ticket to [event name]. We look forward to seeing you on [date]!

Thank you text message examples

A donor who feels appreciated is more likely to continue giving to your nonprofit. That’s why your nonprofit must prioritize donor appreciation messages sent through a channel where your donors are guaranteed to see them.

Fundraising text message shown on cellphone screen. It reads "Jane Doe, just dropping by to say THANK YOU! Your support helps us make the world a better place. Elisha Dream Kids Team Reply STOP to end. Msg and data rates may apply.
  1. Project Update: Hey [Donor Name], thanks to your generous donation, we've managed to [impact of donation]. Thank you for joining us in making a difference to [community impacted]!
  2. Donor Appreciation: [Donor's Name], we’re just dropping by to say THANK YOU! Your support helps make the world a better place.
  3. Impact Report: Hey [Donor's Name], because of your donation, we've been able to provide [service provided] to [number impacted by service] last month! Here's the impact report [attach link].
  4. Success Story Share: [individual served by your nonprofit] now [gets x benefit], because of you. Thanks for your support!
  5. Recurring Gift: [Donor name] our ongoing support has had a huge impact on [cause]. Thank you for partnering with us!
  6. Special Recognition: Hey [Donor's Name], we're spotlighting our top supporters this month on our website and social channels, and you made the list! Thanks for your support!

Donor engagement text messages to build relationships

Sending out a message just to connect is a great way to show donors that they are more than an ATM. Remember, donor engagement texts should feel personal, appreciate the donor, and whenever appropriate, involve a Call To Action.

  1. Feedback Request: Hi [Donor name], thank you for your support! I’d love to hear your thoughts on areas we can improve. Would you take a minute to send me your thoughts?
  2. Feedback Survey: Thank you for your support, [Donor name]! We’d love to hear how we could do better. Would you take a minute to fill out this survey? [link]
  3. Community Story: Hello [Donor's Name], thought you'd enjoy this story about [person your org supports], who benefited from [recent project]. [Include a link to the story or add to text]
  4. Project Update: [Donor name], your partnership has helped the team at [nonprofit] accomplish so much! This year alone we’ve [impact] for [group impacted.]
  5. Lapsed Donor: [Donor’s name], Hope all's well. We've missed your incredible support! Any chance we could catch up soon? Your involvement makes a world of difference.

Texts for volunteers

Sending out a text message is a great way to invite your constituents to give their time to your organization, show appreciation for current volunteers, or reconnect with lapsed volunteers.

  1. Volunteer Event Invitation: [Donor's Name], we’re hosting a volunteer event on [date]. It’s a great chance to meet the team and see your donations at work. Let us know if you’re interested.
  2. Volunteering Invite: [Volunteer name], Not just money, your time is precious too. Join us as a volunteer and help [impact]. Reply now and let us know if you’re interested!
  3. Volunteer Appreciation: [Volunteer name], you're amazing! Your time and support have changed lives. Thank you for partnering with [nonprofit name]!
  4. Lapsed Volunteer: [Volunteer name], we’ve missed seeing you at [nonprofit]! How have you been doing? I’d love to connect again soon.
DonorDock text message outreach platform
DonorDock text message outreach platform

Fundraising text message platform

Are you looking for a fundraising text message platform that automatically tracks your donor outreach and engagement? DonorDock is an all-in-one donor development platform that combines a user-friendly Nonprofit CRM, Online Giving, and Donor Outreach tools. Get started for free today!

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