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Link to specific text on a page

send someone to a specific part of an article, blog post, or page with this tool

Browser extension created by google for Chrome and Edge that allows for linking to arbitrary text on a page.

This extension allows for easily creating a special link to the currently selected text on a page via the context menu. When opening such a special link, a compatible browser will scroll the selected text into view and highlight it.

Usage instructions:

• Select the text that you want to link.
• Right-click. choose "Copy Link to Selected Text" from the context menu.
• If the link creation succeeded, the selected text will be briefly highlighted in yellow.
• Paste your link wherever you want to share it.
• 💡 Pro-tip: you can assign a keyboard shortcut to the copy action!

For more information, see the Text Fragments specification ( where this feature is described.

Here's what a few people have to say about it: 

"OMG! This is a timesaver!  I don't have to continue explaining "where" or "what paragraph" for information I am sharing!  Thank You! 😇😍👍🏾" - Monica

"This is brilliant! The extension itself, and linking to specific text. How did we live earlier without this capability?" Sushuruth S.

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