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The Spreadsheet Freedom Fund

If you're tangled in tabs and drowning in data, it's time for a revolution. Introducing the Spreadsheet Freedom Fund, your ally in the fight for efficiency and impact.
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What is the Spreadsheet Freedom Fund?

The Spreadsheet Freedom Fund, an in-kind technology grant, empowers small nonprofits to grow their donor engagement through access to a nonprofit CRM.

We're  granting 1 year of Lite membership with DonorDock to 45 nonprofits in 2024—15 per quarter—covering over $50,000 in CRM costs. DonorDock will streamline donor management and fundraising, freeing up valuable time for these charities to focus on what really matters: their mission. Apply now and accelerate your impact!

Why are we offering this grant?

We believe that technology should be a tool that simplifies your work. It shouldn’t be a barrier to entry or a burden, which is why we are committed to creating a platform that is simple and accessible to everyone on your team.

We also recognize many nonprofits who could benefit most from a simple, accessible nonprofit CRM, often lack the budget and have small teams with limited capacity. Therefore, we aim to support these struggling or starting nonprofits by offering the Spreadsheet Freedom Fund.

Our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to thrive in your mission-driven work.

Is this grant right for your nonprofit?

If you are serious about taking your donor management and fundraising efforts to the next level and if you answer yes to any of these questions, then we encourage you to apply.

Are you part of a small team wearing too many hats?
Is your donor database spreadsheet holding back your donor outreach efforts?
Do you need an affordable tool to support your nonprofit’s growth?
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Who can apply?

Your organization is eligible if you meet these requirements:

Tax-exempt U.S. registered nonprofit
Annual revenue less than $100,000
Currently using spreadsheets as your donor database

Application Deadlines

First round: June 30
Second Round: September 30
Third Round: December 31


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Spreadsheet Freedom Fund Application

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If yes, please briefly describe how you are using them.
If no, please provide the software you are using.
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What is your main source of funding?*
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Describe any challenges your organization faces with your current donor management spreadsheets/system.*
How many active donors do you currently manage?*
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Describe any plans for growth or major initiatives that your organization will be undertaking within the next 3 years.*
Do you have staff or volunteers who are familiar with using CRM software?*
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Needs & Impact
How do you believe DonorDock will benefit your organization?*

Be specific about the expected improvements in efficiency, donor engagement, and any other areas.

Needs & Impact
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Do you agree to attend an onboarding training session within the 1st month?*
Do you agree to begin accepting donations with DonorDock?*

Using the built-in giving pages enables you to take full advantage of automated receipts and to build better donor engagement.

Do you agree to list DonorDock as a corporate sponsor on your website and wherever sponsors are listed?*
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Thank you for applying for the Spreadsheet Freedom Fun.

We will contact you via email in the next 5-7 business days.
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"Sooooooooooo much better than an Excel spreadsheet! Some of the fields that are listed were items of information we hadn't thought to track previously."

"Prior to DonorDock we were relying on spreadsheets and this has allowed our nonprofit to be much more organized and efficient."

Michelle M.
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"We've experienced maintaining contact information on a spreadsheet, and the frustration that follows when columns on the spreadsheet become misaligned. No more."

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Spreadsheet Freedom Fund Grant.
Who can Apply?
Applications are open to tax-exempt U.S. registered nonprofits with an annual revenue of $100,000 or less, that are currently using spreadsheets for their donor database.

Read full Terms & Conditions
What is included in the grant?
1 year of access to DonorDock's Lite plan for FREE.
(Limited seats available.)
What are the full terms and conditions?
You can read the full Terms & Conditions here:
Read full Terms & Conditions
What happens after the grant ends?
After your year subscription to DonorDock ends, you'll be switched to the free plan offered by DonorDock. On the Free Forever Plan, you'll still be able to accept donations through online donation pages and use a limited version of DonorDock's CRM. If you decide to not continue using DonorDock's Free Forever Plan, all of your data can be exported back into a spreadsheet. Alternatively, recipients may opt to continue with a paid annual subscription at the current rate.
What's the catch?
There is no catch! We are on a mission to help the often overlooked small nonprofit. That's what DonorDock was built for. We're doing our part in the fight against the Spreadsheet crisis.
I still have questions.
No problem! Simply contact us at info@donordock.com and we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have!