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Image of 9 different hats in a line with a title under each. A green accountants visor says "The Analyzer," a black press hat says "The Champion," a blue and red party hat says, "The Socialite," a brown cowboy hat with a star says, "The Sheriff," A black graduation cap says, "The Achiever," A green winter hat says, "The creative," a yellow hard hats says, "The doer," a red and white Santa hat says, "the Believer," and A mulit-colored sombrero says, "the culture keeper." These represent the many roles nonprofit Executive Directors and staff members play while doing the work to keep their nonprofit going.

Wear a lot of hats?

Find out which hat you are!

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Have you experienced anything like this?

You wear a lot of hats for your nonprofit and the mental load effects your work.

Your nonprofit data is siloed into multiple pieces of software.

Your team doesn't know how to manage donors.

Your nonprofit has a high turnover rate and loses donor information when someone leaves.

Donor Management is too complex and takes up too much of your time.

Image of an elderly man with white hair and a grimace on his face. He's on the computer and drinking coffee. The text says, "This is Jeff. Jeff is a 25 year old director." Because we all know that wearing a lot of hats for your nonprofit is exhausting!

Ready to Stay organized and proactive? It's time for an easy-to-use CRM and Actionboard®

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Indiana Jones getting ready to take an idol off of a stone. The words says "Thinking I found a single source of truth" Under it, Indiana Jones being chased by a giant ball that is rolling at him with the words "Data Silo" flying off in several directions. Donor Management software that isn't comprehensive often leads to data silos that will slow your nonprofit down.

Don't let data silos hold your nonprofit back

Your emails in one software, donations in another, and donors in a spreadsheet you look at once a month.

With data spread out over all these silos, there's no source of truth to know what is most important for you to accomplish or what relationships to nurture.

This doesn't have to be the norm.

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United Way
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Hubbs Seaworld Research Institute
Habitat for Humanity
Friends of the Children

You need help managing your donors

The nonprofit's dilemma, always short on time and talent. Your days feel like they're over before they start and nurturing donor relationships often goes undone.

If Donor Management takes up too much of your time, maybe it's time for a new way of doing things...

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Grey meme with a black and white drawing of a woman looking skeptical and writing on a piece of paper. The words say, "My to-do list from today seems to consist of everything from my to-do list yesterday." It's hard to get to all of your tasks as a nonprofit staffer.

Never miss a milestone with DonorDock

Build Relationships
With email outreach and Smart Nudges
Manage Donor Info
Accept Donations
With FREE donation pages
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Donor management that fits your budget

Improve donor engagement, streamline your fundraising efforts, and foster lasting relationships, all while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Keep your data in one place and reduce cost from extra software subscriptions.

Easy to cancel, but nobody does.
Your board will love it.

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As a fundraising consultant working with hundreds of small nonprofits, DonorDock is a no-brainer for charities.

Patrick K
DoGoodBetter Consulting

The "Action Board" is solving some of our problems of connecting with donors and knowing where to start with investors. It is helping us identify what challenges we face with donor retention .

Cambria L
Christian Adoption Services

The simple interface and easy to customize badges make fine-tuning your data, mailing/e-mailing targets, and reporting SO SIMPLE. Creating professional email templates is also so straightforward and better looking than previous software we were using. It's just a dream to work with all around.

Kate M
San Leandro Education Foundation

The team at DonorDock is very good at taking nonprofits input and is constantly working to improve the software and add new features. They are quick to respond to questions or issues!

Emily C
North Dakota Autism Center, Inc.

Besides being quite easy to use, the technical support is absolutely amazing. It's prompt and truly helpful (both of which are important)!

Tania B
The Arts Partnership

I love the simplicity of the product. It is intuitive and easy to navigate, but still able to give me all the data I need to analyze our donor base.

Anna L
CCRI Moorhead
"Hands down the best donor management system out there."
Jen K
Office Manager
"It's like adding a fundraising teammate!
Scott Holdman
Impact Foundation

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What our customers say about DonorDock

DonorDock is a leader in Mid-Market Fundraising on G2
DonorDock is a leader in Mid-Market Fundraising on G2
DonorDock is a leader in Mid-Market Fundraising on G2
DonorDock is a leader in Small-Business Nonprofit CRM on G2
DonorDock is a leader in Mid-Market Donor Management on G2
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Save time and strengthen relationships with donors thanks to automated engagement nudges from our Action Board.
Easily create and share unlimited donation pages, simplifying online giving for donors.
Save money thanks to unlimited records, free customer support, free training, and a completely free online giving solution without platform fees.
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