Your Guide to Integrating DonorDock and Classy

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What Does the Classy DonorDock Integration Do?

The Classy & DonorDock integration allows your organization to send information from your Classy account to DonorDock, without manual data entry, and without the need to set up a Zapier connection between the two.

Together, Classy and DonorDock provide fundraising, marketing, and CRM for nonprofits in one integrated solution.

If you don't know, Classy is a giving experience platform that enables nonprofits to connect with supporters through online fundraising. DonorDock is a nonprofit CRM and marketing suite that helps organize all your fundraising communication in one place, and includes emails, receipting, reports, and more.

For Classy Users Who Don't Yet Use DonorDock:

Classy is a powerful fundraising platform, but long-term donor relationships and marketing efforts require a system for organizing contacts and relationships in one central location. That's where DonorDock comes in.

DonorDock organizes all your communication with donors, including emails, newsletters, meetings, events, and more. DonorDock is one of the most popular software tools for small nonprofits because it is easy to use, includes time saving features, and is affordable for nonprofits who don't have unlimited funds to spend on software.

Want to understand DonorDock a bit better? this video gives a full overview of features:

For DonorDock Users Who Don't Yet Use Classy: 

If your nonprofit organization already use DonorDock's built in fundraising tools, you might be wondering - "Why do I need Classy? Doesn't DonorDock already have built in fundraising tools?" And you would be right - DonorDock does come with built-in fundraising tools, but Classy includes a much more robust set of additional tools, like virtual events, advanced peer-to-peer tools, crowdfunding and more.

For organizations looking for more fundraising features than those that are built into DonorDock, Classy is a great option. If you're a DonorDock user who is interested in Classy, Connect with us.

For Organizations Already Using Classy and DonorDock:

If your organization is already using Classy and DonorDock, this built in integration offers continuous syncing of your Classy information to DonorDock without the need for manual entry or a Zapier integration. If you're already utilizing a Zapier integration, you can continue to do so.

How Does the Classy DonorDock Integration Work?

Here's a few key details to know:

  • The integration between Classy and DonorDock allows information to flow in one direction - from Classy to DonorDock. No information from DonorDock flows to Classy.
  • When you initially sync DonorDock and Classy, All your contacts will be transferred. After that, contacts will be transferred automatically

Specifically, this integration sends information from Classy to DonorDock about supporters, campaigns, transactions, and registrations.

  • Supporters in Classy will be imported as Contacts in DonorDock
  • Campaigns in Classy will be imported as Campaigns in DonorDock
  • Transactions in Classy will be imported as Gifts in DonorDock
  • Registrations in Classy will be imported as an Event Attendance activity in DonorDock.
This is how data is transferred from Classy to DonorDock

FYI You can still use Zapier for more advanced integrations between the two tools - this built in integration just means it is no longer a requirement for getting the integration set up.

How Can I Learn More About DonorDock?

If you're considering DonorDock as your CRM, we'd love for you to schedule a call with a product expert. They will give you a tour and help you see if DonorDock is a good fit for you.

March 25, 2021

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