Get Your Team On Board With DonorDock

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Resources to help you convince your team to use DonorDock

These resources can be leveraged to help get your leadership team, and your board, "on board" with DonorDock.

1. Share an Executive Summary

what it's good for: Getting a quick yes if they don't want to get into the details

Download the executive summary, and print it to share with your board, or share a digital copy via email.


Get a shareable online link

2. Share the DonorDock Information Guide and Presentation

what it's good for: An in-depth look at what is included in DonorDock
DonorDock Info Packet by Jordan Maahs

get a shareable online link

3. Share What Other Nonprofits Are Saying About DonorDock

You don't just have to take our word for it; DonorDock is the highest rated Donor Management Tool for small to medium nonprofits. Just take a look at our public, unfiltered reviews on the leading software review website.

DonorDock Reviews: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Shareable link:

4. Connect Your Team with a DonorDock Expert

Have a question you need sorted out? Schedule some time with your board or team member to ask questions and gain peace of mind.

Schedule time with a product expert

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5. Share a video overview of Features

Send them the link to this video demo of DonorDock.

Video Demo: 

Video Demo Of DonorDock CRM | Engage Donors

April 6, 2021

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