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Founding of DonorDock: a nonprofit CRM for small nonprofits

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For many small nonprofits finding the right fit in a sea of CRM tools can feel like an uphill battle. Whether you’re flying solo or have a small team, there’s always more to tackle than time or budget allows. Many nonprofit CRMs are overly complex and built for teams with a dedicated donor management person.

The need for an easy-to-use and affordable nonprofit CRM hit especially close to home when DonorDock co-founder Matt Bitzegaio’s wife Bridgette started her own nonprofit, Adapt Music.

“Understanding what a one-person shop would need to be able to operate certainly helped guide the product.”
-Matt Bitzegaio on Beyond the Donation episode 22

After nearly 20 years in the CRM and technology industry, Matt Bitzegaio and Andrew Lutgen realized something was missing for smaller nonprofit organizations - a donor management tool tailored just for them. So they started DonorDock with one goal in mind: to help small nonprofits simplify their processes and increase their mission impact.

Andrew Lutgen and Matt Bitzegaio, founders of DonorDock, a nonprofit CRM built for small nonprofits.
DonorDock Founders Andrew Lutgen and Matt Bitzegaio

Identifying the needs of nonprofits

While Matt and Andrew learned a lot from seeing Bridgette run a nonprofit, they were also intentional in listening to other voices in the nonprofit world. They tapped into the vibrant nonprofit community of Fargo-Moorhead to learn exactly what functionalities small nonprofits were looking for in their donor management software.

“There's such a vibrant nonprofit community here in this area. We had access to a broad range of nonprofits. We had 10 beta customers that we gave the product to free for life, if they would help us figure out what it needed to do.”
- Matt on Beyond the Donation episode 22

From the beginning, the team at DonorDock valued empathy and transparency. With regularly scheduled meetups, they would keep nonprofit customers informed, help with fundraising efforts, and continue to better understand the needs of nonprofits.

“We’d get the local customers together and go over what was happening with DonorDock and help them prepare for their fundraising efforts. That was a great experience, and it's great that we still have a lot of local resources.”
-Andrew on Beyond the Donation episode 22
DonorDock team meeting together around a table.

Building for Babs

Matt and Andrew understood that as a nonprofit professional, you wear a lot of hats! One minute you’re a fundraising expert, the next you’re managing volunteers, and all the while, you’re also running the programming that drives your mission. You need a CRM tool that is quick to get up and running, while still giving meaningful insights into your data.

“There's a wonderful lady here in Fargo named Babs. She was that persona of a person that's probably got more things on their plate than they know how to get done and you want to try and help them achieve more in less time. We used to use the phrase “Let’s build it for Babs.”
-Matt on Beyond the Donation episode 22

With Babs in mind, they set out to build a donor management software that gives smaller nonprofits:

  • A deeper understanding of what drives donors so you can build stronger relationships.
  • An intuitive interface, making it easier than ever to manage fundraising efforts.
  • Data insights that allow you to make informed decisions about campaigns.

Building DonorDock - A Solution for Small Nonprofits

Innovating through Simplicity

Smaller organizations didn't need complex systems; they needed accessible solutions that made their jobs easier. The value of simplicity cannot be overstated especially for small nonprofits juggling multiple tasks simultaneously.

Simplicity means more than an easy-to-use interface; it translates into saving precious time for nonprofits so they can focus on making real impact. DonorDock stripped away unnecessary complexities, focusing on intuitive design and functionality.

Simplicity: We continually pursue innovative simplicity for our team and customers so we can focus on what matters most.

Empathy driven versatility

Versatility goes hand-in-hand with simplicity because not all nonprofit organizations are alike or operate in similar ways despite sharing common goals. Versatility allows flexibility to change and grow as the needs of nonprofit leaders change.

DonorDock values customer feedback and strives to continually make a better product that serves small nonprofits well. Working closely with small nonprofits has given us first-hand experience of their struggles. We understand how hard it can be to manage donations while trying to make every penny count towards your cause. That's why at DonorDock, every feature designed aims to ease those challenges.

Empathy: We make decisions based on the well-being of our team members and customers.

Learning from Customer Feedback

Feedback has been crucial in shaping DonorDock into what it is today. This process started right at the beginning with beta testing. Andrew and Matt intentionally asked users about necessary improvements to ensure that DonorDock was user-friendly for anyone. And so began an ongoing dialogue between DonorDock’s team and its customers – something that continues even now.

The result? An ever-improving donor management software built by people who care deeply about supporting small nonprofit organizations.

Andrew Lutgen, Matt Bitzegaio and Bridgette Bitzegaio looking at the DonorDock app, a nonprofit CRM built for small nonprofits.
Andrew, Matt, and Bridgette

Making Technology Accessible

Another critical issue many small and midsize nonprofits face is cost. Budgets at small nonprofits are usually tight, making most CRMs out of reach due to high price tags or cumbersome features that require extensive training.

This is where DonorDock stepped up its game again — leveling the playing field between nonprofit and for-profit sectors by providing affordable technology solutions without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

DonorDock's pricing model, designed with smaller nonprofits' budgets in mind, offers flexibility while ensuring value for money. At DonorDock the price you see is the price you get. We never hide our prices behind a demo or spring hidden fees on you.


How many times have you been on a demo for a software solution that promises you the moon, but all they have is a sturdy ladder? Honesty and transparency are important when looking for a nonprofit CRM solution, especially for small nonprofits.

When resources are limited, there isn’t time to waste on a solution that isn’t the right fit for you. That’s why we choose to be clear and honest about what DonorDock has to offer. While DonorDock’s team is always striving to make a better product for small nonprofits, it’s impossible for one solution to meet everyone’s needs. If DonorDock isn’t the right fit for you, we won’t waste your time.

Looking for the right nonprofit solution? Check out this breakdown on the best nonprofit CRMs for small nonprofits.

Transparency: We are open and honest in our communication both internally and with our customers.
The DonorDock Team


For small nonprofits, donor management can be unnecessarily complex...

Until you discover the magic of DonorDock. It's designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind.

No more wading through complex spreadsheets or searching for missing donor data. Let technology be your ally, not your adversary.

Nurture your donor relationships with DonorDock. An easy-to-use Donor Management Platform built for nonprofits like yours.

Try DonorDock today for free: Sign up for a 14-day trial

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