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Session Notes: Marketing & Bulk Emails

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In this session, we discussed how we to take the steps to add a marketing list, create an email template, send a bulk email and what it looks like to track the activities for that email.

In our example we created a newsletter marketing list and used a newsletter email template.

Create A Marketing List

1.     In our example, we accessed the contact report Active Donors and added our Email Badge as filter

2.    Once you have pulled back the information and run the report you want, go to Add and click on Add Marketing List

3.    Find or create your marketing list and click Apply

Create Your Email Template

1.     Go to your initials and click on Manage Templates

2.    Choose Email as Template Type, in our example we chose the Colorful Newsletter

a.     To change a picture with a new one, click on the picture and upload new in the content menu

b.    Edit text by clicking in the text box

c.     Click on Apply Effects on a picture, video, etc. for more options

d.    Input URLs for pictures, buttons, videos, etc. so that your contacts can navigate to a new area you want them to see

e.    If you want to add additional text, images, etc. simply drag it from the menu and place it in the body of template

3.    Once your template is complete, click on Save to save over the template or Save As to save a copy with a naming convention of your choice

4.    Be sure to preview the template in desktop and mobile before you navigate away or set up to send to your contacts

Send a Bulk Email

1.     Navigate to Emails page

2.    Click on New Email

3.    Input Marketing List that you want to send an email to

4.    Input the subject and Load your template

       a.     You can create templates here or make updates to your template as needed before you send

5.    Be sure to send a test email to yourself to make sure it comes across the way you intend

6.    Send the email of Schedule Send

       a.     If you schedule the send, you can continue to add contacts to the marketing list that you are sending to up to the scheduling date and time

Review Your Email Statistics

1.    Navigate to the Email Page

2.    Click on Sent tab and access the email you want to review

3.    Click on each of the statistics to take a closer look into delivered, Unique opens, etc.

     a.     Delivered

         i.        emails that have successfully made it into a contact's inbox

     b.    Unique Opens

        i.        Total number of people that have opened the email (only counted once per person)

     c.     Opened

        i.        The number of times that the email has been opened

     d.    Clicks

        i.        Number of times user’s have clicked inside the email

     e.    Bounced

        i.        Emails that were undeliverable

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Questions & Answers

How do I edit a scheduled email?

You will need to click on the unschedule button for the email in order to edit it. Once your edits are complete, you can reschedule the email.

Can I archive appeals? Can I do so in bulk?

There isn’t a way to archive appeals in bulk. You can archive individually by accessing the appeal, clicking on the Edit Appeal button and choosing archive appeal.

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