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11 Free resources to elevate your nonprofit in 2024

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Whether you're looking to optimize donor engagement, master Instagram marketing, formulate a foolproof budget, or just connect with fellow changemakers, we've got it all covered!

It's 2024 and every changemaker is on a quest to discover free resources that spark a difference, drive growth, and supercharge their nonprofit. If this sounds like you - buckle up!

This blog features eleven incredible free nonprofit resources tailored just for changemakers like you. Consider it your golden ticket to a simpler, more streamlined, and effective journey in creating a meaningful impact.

So get ready, as we unwrap these hand-picked tools, guides, and platforms designed to maximize your nonprofit’s potential and propel your mission forward. Your ride to nonprofit success starts here!

Table of Contents:

  1. Steward, a powerful AI Assistant
  2. Guide to nonprofit tech
  3. Nonprofit marketing guide
  4. The ultimate guide to Instagram
  5. A fundraising framework
  6. Step-by-step guide to secure grants
  7. Nonprofit Hive: the nonprofit connection platform
  8. Budgeting templates
  9. Facebook ad template
  10. Podcast to inspire and equip nonprofit professionals
  11. Free donation pages and forms with no platform fees

1. Steward, a powerful AI Assistant built for nonprofits

Link to free nonprofit resource: Steward AI, an assistant for nonprofits

In the fast-paced world of nonprofit management, staying ahead in donor engagement and fundraising is crucial. Meet Steward, an AI assistant. This free nonprofit resource is built to transform the way organizations operate. With Steward, your organization can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to streamline operations, gain insight into donor trends, and receive personalized guidance. All for FREE!

Key Features of Steward:

  • Task Handling: Steward simplifies your day-to-day tasks, freeing up valuable time to focus on what matters most – your mission. (Ex. "Write a reply to this email from a new donor [message]")
  • Donor Trend Insights: Get ahead in your fundraising efforts with AI-driven insights into donor behavior and trends. (Ex. "What are some event ideas for fundraising?")
  • Personalized Coaching: Steward acts as a personal coach, offering expert advice and guidance tailored to your nonprofit's unique needs. (Ex. "How do I segment my donors for better engagement?")

Try Steward AI for free

2. Guide to choosing the right technology

Navigating all the software options available is daunting for many nonprofits. The importance of choosing the right technology can't be overstated — it's the very foundation of your fundraising, membership, and volunteer management strategies. That's why this comprehensive guide is a must-read for all nonprofits.

In How to Pick a Software Company to Fulfill Your Nonprofit Technology Needs, you'll gain invaluable insights into the dynamics of software selection, sidestep hidden fees, crack the code on customer service concerns, and get to grips with data migration costs and processes.

This guide provides you with the knowledge and tools needed to make an informed decision around your nonprofit technology needs. Be tech-smart and check this out today!

3. 2024 guide to nonprofit marketing success

Free nonprofit resource: The 2024 Guide to Nonprofit Marketing Success

Looking to catapult your nonprofit marketing to new heights this year? The first step is having a robust marketing plan that can navigate change and ensure your organization leaves a lasting impact. This is where Community Boost’s “The 2024 Guide to Nonprofit Marketing Success” comes into play.

This handy resource goes beyond basic planning; it provides a comprehensive walkthrough to help you focus your efforts and create the perfect marketing blueprint. Determine your target audience, sketch out your ideal donor persona, and set SMART goals that point you toward success.

Don't just plan; plan smartly. Ensure your nonprofit is not just future-ready but equipped to maximize its growth and impact. With this free guide, you're not just reacting to 2024; you're actively shaping your organization's journey throughout the year. Start plotting your route to success today!

4. The ultimate guide to Instagram

Social media is a proven and effective way to amplify your nonprofit's reach, and Instagram, with its visual approach, is a platform you can't afford to ignore. The Ultimate Guide to Instagram for the Small Nonprofit created by J Campbell Social Marketing is a comprehensive free ebook, that gives you insights into the multiplying potential of Instagram for your cause.

From setting up your nonprofit using free Instagram Business tools to exploring 10 unique ways to raise funds and consciousness, this guide covers all! Real-world examples underline the strategies, allowing you to master the implementation of tactics that have been successfully employed by others.

With its proven, actionable strategies, this eBook empowers nonprofits to set up, manage, and flourish on Instagram. If you're aspiring to leverage Instagram to bolster your cause, this free resource equips you with everything you need to achieve your goals.

If you’re looking to level up all your social channels, J Campbell Social Marketing offers numerous free resources for nonprofits.

5. Fundraising framework

Initiating a successful fundraising plan can feel as daunting as setting sail into uncharted waters. But the Fundraising Framework from Greater Good Funds serves as a compass to guide your nonprofit.

This free comprehensive guide is the ideal starting point for establishing your annual fundraising plan. From understanding where to begin, what to include in your plan, right down to identifying areas for expansion to meet your revenue goals — it has got you covered!

Start gearing up for your fundraising initiatives from a position of knowledge and confidence. Give your nonprofit's fundraising the right initial acceleration it needs!

6. Step-by-step guide to securing grants 

Does the idea of finding and writing grants leave you feeling overwhelmed? Check out this free grant writing guide from The Cause Specialists to get a clear path forward. Whether you're a veteran nonprofit professional or a grant-writing newbie, this tool helps you understand how to source grants, craft a compelling proposal, and secure funds.

Enriched with expert insights, industry best practices, and handy tips for all things grant-related, you’ll feel empowered to tackle grants head-on.

Don't let the complexities of grant writing hinder your nonprofit's growth. Harness the power of effective grant writing with this free guide and elevate your funding game to brand-new heights!

7. Connect with other changemakers

Get matched with nonprofit peers: free video platform for changemakers to connect and collaborate.

Are you a changemaker looking for a passion-fuelled, collaborative community focused on driving social impact? Look no further. Nonprofit Hive provides a space for you to connect, grow, and lead change. Nonprofit Hive is more than just a platform; it's a community.

This free platform hosts weekly Hive Chats, giving you the chance to talk 'shop', discuss essential facets of nonprofit operations like fundraising and marketing, and connect with like-minded professionals worldwide.

At Nonprofit Hive, you can share and reignite your nonprofit's mission and passion. Incubate ideas, share resources, and discover endless opportunities for collaboration. You'll find a nurturing environment that embraces the potential in everyone, shifting the dynamics from competition to collective endeavor.

Foster lasting bonds, gain new nonprofit friends, and together, make a bigger splash in the world of social impact!

8. Budgeting templates for nonprofits

Every nonprofit understands the importance of financial management. This does not come easy without rigorous budgeting. Appropriately allocating resources, tracking spending, and optimizing for cost-effectiveness make the difference between success or failure for most nonprofits. However, the process might double into a burden due to its complexity and resource intensiveness.

That's where this compilation of 7 nonprofit budget templates created by Instrumentl becomes...well, instrumental. These templates are designed to cater to specific demands of different kinds of budgets - whether it's for a grant, a specific program, or your organization as a whole. The purpose is to mitigate the burden of budgeting.

Each nonprofit budget template is easy to use, adapt, and update. Have up-to-date financial tracking with minimal time, effort, and skills required. Simplify your budgeting and make it as stress-free as possible with these free templates.

9. Facebook ad template

Looking to break through the crowd and capture your prospective donors' attention on Facebook? Struggling to convert your ad campaign efforts into meaningful online donations? Check out NextAfter’s Facebook Ad Template.

Developed especially for diligent fundraisers like you, this comprehensive guide is your insider look into successful Facebook advertising. It's brimming with proven techniques and strategies, derived from a whopping 537 A/B experiments thoroughly conducted by NextAfter's research team. You’ll find answers to your burning questions - from ad copy length, targeting, and conversion events, to the significance of your landing page's look and feel.

Make sure you're not just running a Facebook campaign, but a campaign that resonates, engages, and delivers.

10. The resource for busy nonprofit professionals

Free nonprofit resource: We are for Good. The podcast for nonprofits. Impacting the world is hard work. Let's dig in together. New episodes + inspo 2x weekly to help you do more, raise more, and be more for your mission. Listen to the podcast

Eager to amplify your impact but feeling overwhelmed about where to start?

Dive into the We are For Good podcast - your go-to resource for nonprofit insights, strategies, and inspirational stories.

Designed specifically for changemakers, this engaging podcast is packed with valuable insights, advice, and uplifting stories to fuel your mission-focused journey.

From fundraising strategies to mission effectiveness, this podcast uncovers success methods to help you do more, raise more, and be more for your cause. Listen and learn from industry leaders and passionate professionals who've walked in your shoes, faced similar challenges, and emerged triumphant.

11. Free donation pages and forms with no platform fees

Donations are the lifeblood of any nonprofit, and managing them effectively is a game-changer. Enter DonorDock’s Free Forever plan - a free giving platform tailored specifically for nonprofits.

With easy-to-use donation forms and pages, you can provide your donors with a seamless giving experience. DonorDock allows you to automatically send thank-you messages and receipts after every contribution, fostering a sense of acknowledgment and appreciation in your donors.

Moreover, it comes with basic donor management features, enabling you to track and analyze your donors and their contributions efficiently.

In the digital age, a robust online donation process and donor database are integral for nonprofits. With DonorDock, you can effortlessly enhance donor interaction and effectively oversee their engagement, thus putting your nonprofit on the path of heightened donor retention and greater overall impact.

Sign up for free today!


Ready to soar higher and gear up to the next level of success? Each one of these eleven remarkable free resources offers a unique opportunity for growth, innovation, and streamlining within the constant bustle of the nonprofit sector.

In this fast-paced world that calls for rapid adaptability and strategic planning, we believe these free resources can be trusted allies to your nonprofit. They strive to simplify your tasks, enhance your audience engagement, and offer you a community of likeminded individuals.

So, take this arsenal of resources, unwrap their potential, and infuse them into your organization. Take the leap, scale new heights, and watch your nonprofit's impact amplify! Remember, it's not just about doing 'more.' It's about doing 'better,' and now you're equipped to do just that.

Elisha Ford
Content Writer
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Elisha Ford
Content Writer

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