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Event Attendance with Eventbrite & DonorDock

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In our previous post, we told you this how-to was coming, and it will be worth your wait!

With the integration steps in Zapier you implemented between Eventbrite and DonorDock previously, this will build on that and create the attendance record in DonorDock from your Eventbrite event.

In Zapier, you'll click Make A Zap (surprise!) and choose Eventbrite as your app, and New Attendee Check-In as your trigger event. Click Continue.

For Choose Account, you'll connect your Eventbrite account, then you'll go to the next section of fields to select your organization. By the time you get to the Continue button, your screen should look similar to this:

At this point you can click Continue, then test your trigger.

For step 2. Do This, you're going to select DonorDock as your app, and Create Activity (because event attendance is a type of activity in DonorDock) for the Choose Action Event field, and click Continue.

Choose your DonorDock account for the next step, then you'll start mapping the values. Event Attendance will be your type, Profile Email will be in the Contact Email field, select Complete as the Status, you can assign it to a DonorDock user, and also add a subject "Event Attendance At" and then select Event Name as a continuation in that field.

Continue mapping the appropriate fields (First Name Last Name in Contact field, Created for the Completed Date field, linking the campaign to the event name, etc.)

Click Continue, Test & Continue, turn your Zap on, name your Zap, and voila! 

Yes, you've done all the linking now in Eventbrite and DonorDock to maintain data integrity between programs for your scheduled event, all through a few clicks in Zapier.

Have questions? Shoot us an email or contact form, and we'll help you if you get stuck.

In the meantime, happy event planning!

Matt Bitzegaio
Written by
Matt Bitzegaio

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