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DonorDock and QuickBooks: A Nonprofit Software Dream Team

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A frequent and common request we have received since our very early days is to support integrating DonorDock with QuickBooks.

As has been stated previously, data integrations are inherently complex, but our new Zapier integration enables us to support this request in a way that is both easy to set up and maintain.

Why QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is easily one of the most popular applications in use in the nonprofit sector today (incidentally, also in the for-profit sector). This is not surprising when you consider it functions well and is affordable.

Because of the popularity of QuickBooks, it made sense for us to focus on data integrations that would allow us to make this important connection between DonorDock and QuickBooks.

Which Versions of QuickBooks?

The integration via Zapier supports QuickBooks Online. While QuickBooks Online has historically lagged behind QuickBooks Desktop in functionality, that lull has undoubtedly lessened in the last few years.

QuickBooks Online is a great bookkeeping solution for most nonprofits until the needs become particularly complicated or the organization grows exponentially.

How do I set it up?

This is the beautiful part of Zapier – it makes it quite simple to build these integrations. In fact, we have a short video at the end of this post that walks you through step-by-step exactly how to set it up.

There are a couple of steps you should do first, though.

  1. Sign up for an account with Zapier.
  2. Request an invitation to our Zapier Connector by emailing support@donordock.com.

After that, watch the video (at the end of this post) and you can have your working integration in about 15 minutes.

Fifteen minutes spent now will save you a lot of time later and give you better and more accurate data in your systems. Seems like a worthwhile investment!

How much does it cost?

Good question. From a DonorDock perspective, there is no additional cost using our Zapier integration. Zapier does have a free version, but is fairly limited.

To take advantage of the more useful integrations you will need a paid account. The base account starts at $20/month and if you reach out to them, you can also request a nonprofit discount. With the available automation and time savings, this is an easy ROI to justify.

So, go get a free trial of Zapier and try this out. This is only one example of efficient time savings and a clear path to more reliable data across your systems.

There are many, many more and we will continue to outline more ideas in the coming weeks.

Here’s the video as promised!

Just in case the video doesn’t load for you, you can view it by clicking here.

Matt Bitzegaio
Written by
Matt Bitzegaio

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