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Creating Compelling Campaign Online Giving Pages

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Online giving has become a crucial part of many nonprofit organization’s fundraising strategies.

Creating campaign online giving pages, specifically for giving days, or specific organization campaigns can feel daunting.  However, following a few best practices can help you create compelling campaign online giving pages that help raise more awareness and donations for your organization!

Here are suggestions for creating a compelling campaign online giving page:

Make It User Friendly

·       Make it simple for your donors to give through your online giving page.  A donor doesn’t want to follow eight sign-up steps after they hit the Donate button.

·       Allow multiple payment options to give donors flexibility.

       o   According to 360 MatchPro, a DonorDock integration partner, 63% of donors in the UnitedStates and Canada prefer to donate online using a credit or debit card.


·       Use consistent colors, messaging, and branding elements for your organization.

        o  It is a great idea to embed your giving pages on your website for consistency in the giving process and branding.

·       Use images to capture the donor’s attention.  A picture is worth a thousand words!

Clear Message and Goals

·       Highlight your mission and how donations further that mission.

        o  Be specific and clear.

        o  Your gift provides/helps___________ so we can _______________.

·       Clearly state your campaign message and fundraising goals.

        o  Display your goal and progress on your campaign giving page.

·       Highlight the donation impact

        o  Define preset giving options and relay the impact that gift can have on your mission and organization.  

·       Allow for easy sharing of your donation page

        o  QR Codes

        o  Text to Donate

        o  Weblinks

·       Include recurring donation options.  

        o  Make sure you give the ability for donors to make recurring donations.

                §  360 MatchPro, notes that 94% of donors enrolled in a recurring giving program prefer to give on a monthly basis.

                §  The Ultimate List Of Charitable Giving Statistics For 2022, published by NP Source, stated that pre-selecting monthly giving on your donation page can increase conversions of monthly donations by up to 35%.

Make Connections

·      Make connections after the donation.  It is important to engage with your donor even beyond the donation.  

       o  Create automated thank you receipts.  

        o  Create a follow up impact thank you message or email that highlights the donor’s impact with their gift.  Make it personal to your organization’s goal and campaign.

        o  Track donor and gift information in your donor CRM system which can help with connections and engagement through gift tracking and contact segmentation.

By following these best practices, you can create a compelling online giving page for your online giving campaigns.  We suggest utilizing tools to help raise more funds, increase productivity, and make your donors happier.

DonorDock is proud to provide a full CRM system to help implement these best practices and more.  Feel free to check out DonorDock for fundraising, marketing, and tracking all in one place!

Not ready for a full CRM system yet? Check out DonorDock’s Free CRM platform to help get your online giving campaign started!

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The DonorDock Team

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