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Ep. 34 | Empowering nonprofits through human-centric technology: a conversation Tim Lockie

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In this episode of Beyond the Donation, hosted by Matt Bitzegaio, the conversation dives deep into the intersection of technology and human elements within nonprofit organizations. Special guest Tim Lockie, founder of The Human Stack, shares his extensive experience in the nonprofit sector and discusses the importance of focusing not just on tech stacks, but on building human stacks to solve technological problems.

They explore common challenges nonprofits face with technology implementation, the significance of organizational culture, and the real human costs involved in tech adoption. Tim also highlights key trends in nonprofit tech, including community-centered initiatives, and the role of AI. This episode provides strategic insights and practical advice for nonprofit leaders looking to enhance their tech capabilities while keeping a human-centered approach.

They’ll also discuss what to consider when shopping for tech, and the sales red flags to avoid!

00:00 Introduction to Beyond the Donation

00:29 Meet Tim Lockie and The Human Stack

02:27 Identifying Technology Needs in Nonprofits

05:01 The Concept of the Human Stack

08:17 Navigating Technology Implementation Challenges

11:32 Evaluating and Selecting the Right Tools

21:23 Red Flags in the Sales Process

30:46 Exciting Trends in Nonprofit Technology

33:02 Final Thoughts and Advice for Nonprofit Leaders

34:41 Conclusion and Where to Find More Information

To Connect with Tim Lockie:

LinkedIn | Website | What the Tech Series

To Connect with Beyond the Donation Podcast:

BTD Podcast | DonorDock LinkedIn | Matt LinkedIn

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Elisha Ford
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