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Ep. 29 | The impact and evolution of volunteerism, an interview with Sam Fankuchen of Golden Volunteer

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In this episode of 'Beyond the Donation', host Matt Bitzegaio interviews Sam Fankuchen from Golden Volunteer. Their discussion brings light on the significance of volunteer contributions in nonprofit organizations and delves into the complexities of modern volunteer management. Sam underlines how genuine volunteer involvement amplifies the potential of a nonprofit, and can eventually convert volunteers into staff members or significant donors. He also highlights how Golden Volunteer's software helps manage qualifications, background checks, and other parameters for volunteers. Moreover, he discusses the future of volunteerism and how technology, such as AI, can lead to smoother, more effective experiences.

00:05 Introduction to Beyond the Donation Podcast

00:25 Meet the Guest: Sam Fankuchen from Golden Volunteer

00:44 Understanding Golden Volunteer's Mission and Impact

02:06 Sam's Journey into Social Entrepreneurship

02:56 The Crucial Role of Volunteers in Nonprofits

04:40 The Connection Between Volunteering and Donations

09:21 The Challenges of Finding New Volunteers

11:32 Ensuring Volunteer Qualifications and Safety

13:35 Maintaining Engagement with Volunteers

17:55 The Future of Volunteerism: AI and Technology Trends

23:43 Advice for Nonprofit Leaders

24:56 Learn More About Golden Volunteer

26:20 Closing Remarks and Future Episodes

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Elisha Ford
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