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Ep. 21 | A Courage-Based Culture, an interview with Julie Boll

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Our Guest: Julie Boll, Founder of Julie Boll Consulting

About Julie: Julie is a licensed facilitator with Dare to Lead and has been in the nonprofit sector for over two decades. She built her career as a grant professional, and eventually started her consulting company in an effort to partner with NPOs to spot them in grant work. This led to her digging deeper in assisting nonprofits with capturing their vision and pursuing the Dare to Lead path.

[5:00] The importance of vulnerability in leadership development

[6:37] “We call it courage building, so when I have a tagline, it’s ‘Helping people live and lead more courageously.’ So that means being okay with vulnerability, recognizing your shame triggers, knowing what your values are, and knowing when they’ve been compromised.” - Julie Boll

[7:26] Building a healthy culture

[10:18] Organizational values

[14:11] The process and inclusion of defining values

[18:24] Value-Based decision making (for leaders, especially)

[24:18] Courage to influence positive change

[26:00] Parting advice for leaders

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