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Ep. 20 | The Bees Knees of Google Ad Grants, an interview with Chris Barlow

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Our Guest: Chris Barlow, Founder of Beeline (Marketing for Nonprofits)

About Chris: Chris started Beeline in 2015 and is happy to have found his niche in the marketing world of nonprofits. He knew he wanted his work to be impactful, and after helping one nonprofit, the snowball effect of helping others led him to where he is today.

[2:40] Google Ad Grants defined

[5:20] Relevance of keywords

[7:25] Common challenges NPOs face in Google Ads

[11:15] Overcoming Google Ad Grant challenges

“If you’re offering people something they’re looking for, and it gives them a reason to subscribe, now they’re suddenly on your email list and you can start building a relationship with them, doing that donor nurturing.” - Chris Barlow (13:57)

[15:44] How Beeline helps nonprofits improve web traffic

[19:40] Digital marketing & Google Ad Grants

[23:08] Creative success story

More About Chris:

LinkedIn       |         Website

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