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Ep. 18 | Moving the Marketing Needle, an interview with Brianna Ruloma

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Our Guest: Brianna Ruloma, Community Boost

About Brianna: Passionate about making connections with other people, Brianna has been involved in nonprofit work most of her life. Ending up in marketing came as a surprise but has been a role she has embraced and grown in, enthusiastically helping NPOs using the accelerator program.

[2:40] Community Boost event involvement

[3:25] Accelerator Program

[5:00] Biggest hurdles in nonprofit marketing strategies

[7:27] "MUST” low hanging fruit for NPOs to utilize

[8:50] Google Ad Grants

[12:00] Measuring Marketing ROI

[14:16] Data Tools & A/B Testing

[16:02] Supporter Journey Map

[19:25] Encouragement for you!

More About Brianna:

LinkedIn       |         PDF: 1 Person Marketing

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Elisha Ford
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Elisha Ford
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