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Ep. 16 | Are You Overlooking Your Website Impact?, an interview with Austin Hattox, Nonprofit Website Strategist, Pixel Lighthouse

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Our Guest: Austin Hattox, Pixel Lighthouse founder

About Austin: Through his company, Austin helps nonprofits create maximum impact with their website. Handling design, messaging, and programming, they help nonprofits put their websites to use for community engagement and implement their impact strategy

[2:13] Challenges NPOs face in website messaging

[4:10] Process of determining best site strategy for a nonprofit

[5:58] Website Visibility vs. Social Presence Visibility

[7:15] Austin’s journey from for-profit to nonprofit work

[8:25] Retargeting practice

[9:05] Priorities of NPO website work

[10:25] AI use for nonprofit ideation (& emojis!)

[11:35] Tips or best practices for organization story communication

[14:03] For-profit and nonprofit differences

[16:10] Pixel Lighthouse standard working partnerships

[17:05] Value for nonprofits to deploy an engaging website

[18:20] Package or Custom approach to website development

[20:00] Tips for website improvement you can implement today

More About Austin:

LinkedIn Pixel Lighthouse Mistakes Guide

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